Winners at the Stockholm International Film Festival 2021

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We proudly present the winners of Stockholm International Film Festival 2021. This year’s big winner is the film »Rhino« by Oleg Sentsov who is awarded the prestigious Bronze Horse for Best Film, and in which lead actor Serhii Filimonov is awarded Best Actor for his portrayal of the criminal Rhino.

Best Documentary goes to Swedish director Hogir Hirori for the film »Sabaya«. The festival's youngest director, the 20-year-old Kosovar Luàna Bajrami is awarded two Aluminium Horses in the categories Best Debut and Best Script for her film »The Hill Where Lionesses Roar«.

The other Aluminium Horses goes to Tatiana Huezo from our focus country Mexico who is awarded Best Director for the film »Prayers for the Stolen«. Best Cinematography goes to the cinematographer Tim Curtin for the film »A Chiara«. The British actress Ruth Wilson, known for the tv-series »The Affair«, is presented with Best Actress for her role in »True Things«. The international film critic jury FIPRESCI has had their say and has chosen the French film »Petite Maman« by the former Visionary Award recipient Céline Sciamma for Best Film. 

The actor Edvin Ryding, recently seen in the Netflix series Young Royals, is crowned this year's Zalando Rising Star 2021. Director Emma Pål Brunzell is this year’s winner in the talent competition 1KM FILM, and honorable mentions go to the directors Erik Warolin and Pella Kågerman.

Winners at the Stockholm International Film Festival 2021:

Best Film: »Rhino« by Oleg Sentsov
Director Oleg Sentsov’s violent portrayal of a young man, brilliantly tells the story of a corrupt, criminal underworld and its growth during the communist bloc era in the 1980s and 1990s.

Best Director: Tatiana Huezo for »Prayers for the Stolen«
With an absolute eye for authenticity, Tatiana Huezo has achieved a film that is as beautiful as it is haunting – she keeps her audience on the edge of their seats, waiting for the unavoidable catastrophe.

Best Debut: »The Hill Where Lionesses Roar« by Luàna Bajrami
At only 20 years of age, director Luàna Bajrami has achieved a hard-hitting, playful and uniquely mature feature film debut. In a near future, The Hill Where Lionesses Roar will be seen as one of the great directors’ elegant first steps onto the world stage.

Best Script: »The Hill Where Lionesses Roar« by Luàna Bajrami
With a distinct and playful tone Luàna Bajrami portrays three lionesses who sometimes punch, sometimes tease, sometimes roar. The Hill Where Lionesses Roar is a heartbreaking story of three young women’s lives and limitations in the patriarchal Kosovo – but it’s told with such grace and humor that we as viewers never want that Kosovan summer to end.

Best Actress: Ruth Wilson for »True Things«
From first to last frame, Ruth Wilson shows that sometimes the smallest gestures make the biggest artistic impact. With nerve and authenticity, Wilson provides the main character with a sense of longing, hope, desperation and, in the end, the power to find her own path.

Best Actor: Serhii Filimonov for »Rhino«
Through a strong, brilliant performance we get to see how this character changes from a soft, Slavic soul, to a criminal and a killer.

Best Cinematography: Tim Curtin for »A Chiara«
With a naturalistic eye, a realistic atmosphere and an interesting composition, cinematographer Tim Curtin transports the audience to a new world and puts us into the shoes of the main character.

Best Documentary Feature: »Sabaya« by Hogir Hirori
al-Hawl has become a term in itself, but rarely have we seen life in and around the camp as in Sabaya. Present in the moment Hirori manages to describe the seemingly futile fight to liberate Yazidi women from the camp. The beautiful portrayal of mundane daily life juxtaposed with tense moments makes Sabaya this year’s winner of the Bronze Horse.

Best Short Film: »The Right Words« by Adrian Moyse Dullin
A fine tuned film with great acting and great energy that leaves us filled with compassion and warmth for the characters. Through tough love, social games and authentic jargon we quickly get a sense of being inside their world. With humour and a light hand the film takes the youths seriously, in a perfect balance of rhythm, music and with the right words. We’re impressed.

The International Film Critics Award FIPRESCI
Best Film: »Petite Maman« by Céline Sciamma
It is a tremendously moving, exhilarating coming-of-age story, tenderly directed, startling and daring. The heartfelt reflection on grief and the healing process travels between generations of women within this film, from memory to future.

Edvin Ryding
2021 year’s recipient of the Zalando Rising Star Award goes to a young actor that has starred in several films and series since 2009, when he only as 5 years old made his acting debut. Today he is a natural Rising Star that in the tv series Young Royals shows an outstanding presence, open vulnerability and a cool that we believe in.

1 KM FILM Scholarship Recipient: Emma Pål Brunzell
For a playful, funny and energetic tone that at the same time is fearless of the darkness in the psychological motif in her short film "Punani Steam", we see a strong, modern and exciting voice in the filmmaker Emma Brunzell.

1 KM FILM Honorary Mentions: Erik Warolin
Proven to be a strong storyteller with often unexpected turns and with the ability to craft solid performances out of the actors, we want to lift our hat with an honorary mention to Erik Warolin.

1 KM FILM Honorary Mentions: Pella Kågerman
A bold and visual perspective on philosophical themes, daring to step into genre without losing psychological depth. We would like to honour Pella Kågerman.

With great creativity, ingenuity and smart solutions, Amanda Gylling shows how to tell a really good story in a maximum of 30 seconds and thus takes home the prize the World's shortest short film award with the film Stay Sane.

AUDIENCE AWARD: »Belfast« by Kenneth Branagh

This year’s jury members for the Stockholm XXXII Competition consist of the Afghan film director Sahraa Karimi as head of the jury, film director Ronnie Sandahl who is this year’s Swedish Oscar contribution with the film »Tigers« and the award-winning producer Kirstina Åberg. Read more about this year’s jury members here.

The winning film »Rhino« will be screened after the award ceremony that takes place at the Skandia Theatre, Sunday, November 21 at 3:30 pm. The film will be starting at around 4:00 pm.

1 KM FILM is a short film competition initiative aimed at promising filmmakers based in Sweden. The winner will make a short film that will premiere at next year's festival. 1 KM FILM is a collaboration between the Stockholm International Film Festival, the Swedish Film Institute, Filmtech, Chimney, Dagsljus, Terrasen Post Production, and Scen & Film. On Monday, November 22, the film that has been voted for this year’s honorable Audience Award is presented. Altogether 15 awards are given out under the Stockholm International Film Festival 2021. Other awards that are given out during the festival are the Swedish Film Institutes' new venture Wild Card where Lina Vain IllallaLoran Batti and Angelika Abramovitch will receive 400 000 SEK each to develop their feature films.

– We congratulate all the award winners. Rhino is not only an exceptional film but also a victory for Oleg Sentsov who finally after five years in a Russian prison could finish his film project, says Git Scheynius at the Stockholm Film Festival.


Photo: Isa Olsson

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