Time for The Oscars - Three new movies released

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We are increasing the number of films for this year's festival and are now releasing Ukraine's, Japan's, and Canada's Oscar submissions. Not bad in other words.

Klondike takes place over a few days in the summer of 2014; when the passenger plane Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 is shot down over Donetsk, killing 298 people. An incredibly strong but brutal film, based on real events, with amazing cinematography that shows some of the worst atrocities of war. Klondike was awarded prizes at both Sundance Festival 2022 and Berlinale 2022.

Competitor at this year's Cannes Festival and Japan's Oscar entry. Those alone are good reasons to go see Plan 75. A titillating near-future drama where the elderly can choose to die for money and martyrdom. Plan 75 is a jab at contemporary ageism but also a tender tribute to life.

In Jason Loft's award-winning documentary Eternal Spring, follower and cartoonist Daxiong recounts the disastrous consequences of Falun Gong's hijacking of one of China's television stations. We see astonishing animations that depict the story of a people's will to change. A visual masterpiece.

Tickets for Boy from Heaven, Broker, and Robe of Gems are also available to buy!

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