Where does our greatest filmmakers find their inspiration? That is one of the questions that we ask our Masterclass guests. Join us in a conversation with the greatest people in the Film industry and learn about their inspiration, how they work and what advice they can give for young (and older) aspiring filmmakers. With intimate presentations and interactions from the audience, our Masterclasses will for sure spark your inspiration and at the same time, a possibility for you to ask your questions in person.

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Director Cary Joji Fukunaga the mastermind behind the latest James Bond installment, No Time To Die. In this masterclass, he will share his experience working on the film, as well as his own creative journey as an established filmmaker.

Cary Joji Fukunaga was born in Oakland, California to parents of Swedish and Japanese descent. In his mid-twenties, he decided to pursue a career in filmmaking. After working as a camera intern and studying film at NYU Tisch School of Arts, Fukunaga quickly made a name for himself with his first short film being screened at the Sundance Film Festival. After several successful short film projects, Fukunaga moved on to feature film, where he visited Stockholm International Film Festival with his first Feature Film Sin Nombre in 2009. He has since then written and directed award-winning films such as Jane Eyre and Beasts of No Nation, and continues to share his creative vision with the world.

Join us in this inspiring masterclass, and take the opportunity to learn more about what goes into directing and filming a successful project.

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We're very sorry to inform you that the masterclass with Daniel Espinosa has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

This is very sad news for us, but we will use this extra time on our hands to make our other events even better. We hope that you join us for our other Industry events, including our new and exciting masterclass with Linus Sandgren and Cary Joji Fukunaga on the 19th.



Scandinavian melancholia is a phenomenon often discussed when it comes to Nordic cinema, yet few creators have managed to capture it as aptly as Joachim Trier. Famous for his psychologically complex and character-driven storytelling through films like Thelma, Louder Than Bombs and The Oslo Trilogy - consisting of films Reprise, Oslo, August 31st and The Worst Person In The World - Joachim has made a name for himself both in the Nordic and international film scene. 

A veteran at Stockholm International Film Festival, Trier receives his third Bronze Horse Awards this year, as well as our Stockholm Visionary Award 2021. 

In his masterclass, moderated by Jon Asp, Joachim will share his experience with narrative filmmaking and directing intellectually captivating, aesthetically beautiful films. He will discuss his creative process and what it takes to create meaningful cinematic art. 

We welcome you to join us for an intimate dialogue with one of Northern Europe’s most renown directors. 

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Last week we dropped the news about Cary Joji Fukunaga, and now we are more than happy to announce that Academy Award-winning Swedish cinematographer Linus Sandgren will be joining this masterclass, for our "Conquering Hollywood" segment.

Sandgren, born in Stockholm, began his career as a cinematographer by shooting advertisements, music videos and short films. Linus Sandgren made his feature film debut with the Swedish production Storm, which won the Audience Award at Stockholm International Film Festival 2005. Twice more was his cinematography noticed at the festival, with Shelter (2010) and Battle of the Sexes (2017). One of his most notable works is the major success La La Land, which earned him the Academy Award for Best Cinematography in 2017.

Join us for this inspiring masterclass, and take the opportunity to learn more about what goes into directing and filming a successful project, with their latest project No Time To Die, in cinemas now.

Where: Filmhuset (Victor Theatre)
When: November 19th, 15.00-16.30.

This Masterclass is in collaboration with SF Studios.

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