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The American presidential election has proven to be a close one and Stockholm International Film Festival presents a beautiful collection of American films that show different sides of the United States. No matter who wins today we still welcome you to dive into American culture.

Aubrey Plaza plays the lead in the lust filled drama Black Bear that takes a lot of twists and turns. Dinner in America takes us on a tour through American suburbia set to a fantastic soundtrack and with highly quotable characters. In The Last Shift we are treated to a clash of generations in a fast food landscape. We are invited to a historical conversation with legendary Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Sam Cooke and Malcom X in Regina Kings directorial debut One Night in Miami. One Of These Days challenges us both physically and mentally with the competition Hands on a Hard Body.

Buy your tickets here to get everything you want, and more, of the American dream:

Black Bear - Lawrence Michael Levine (13/11, 20/11)
Dinner in America - Adam Cartier Rehmeier(12/11, 15/11, 22/11)
The Last Shift - Andrew Cohn (14/11, 21/11, 22/11)
One Night in Miami - Regina King (15/11, 20/11, 22/11)
One of These Days - Bastian Günther (21/11, 22/11)

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