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After a big award ceremony at Göta Lejon, we are proud to present the winners of this year's Stockholm International Film Festival.


Winners at Stockholm International Film Festival 2019


Best Film: »Song Without a Name« by Melina León

A visual and challenging portrayal of society characterized by both a low and impactful intensity. A quiet and untamable anger can be sensed below the surface. In this film we meet a director with a sharp, insightful vision, right down to the very last detail.

Best Director: Mark Jenkin for »Bait«

A filmmaker who thinks out loud in his film language. A brave director who uses imagery in the same way that words are used to construct meaning. Through rhythm he creates an impressive, fresh, independent film with a total sense of freedom.

Best First Film: »You Deserve a Lover« by Hafsia Herzi

The director’s straight forward gaze and liberating belief in presence and immediacy are inspiring. A vital debut which throws the audience straight into the life of the protagonist while daring to trust her main character.

Best Script: »Synonyms« by Nadav Lapid and Haim Lapid

A film that challenges the audience from beginning to end. The writers have undertaken subjects such as trauma, war and exile in a playful, poignant and intelligent way. A story about longing for freedom, told from an internal perspective. A brave film that doesn't ask for exoneration.

Best Actress: Nina Hoss for »The Audition« 

The 2019 award for best actress goes to a woman who is in command of every aspect of her performance. Through steadiness and presence, she portrays a character who reluctantly loses control in a demanding world. She shines in every scene and keeps us on the edge throughout the film.

Best Actor: Bartosz Bielenia for »Corpus Christi« 

The 2019 award for best actor goes to a character interpretation which has charmed the jury with his charismatic energy. This is an actor who is ready to go all the way. He manages, through formal representation, to shift between strength and vulnerability, madness and holiness, all through an unforgettable glance of the eye.

Best Cinematography: Inti Briones for Song Without a Name For a staggeringly precise cinematography, in a film which dares to be itself. Both harsh and sublime. The Director of Photography manages to capture all the characters intense glances and nuanced body languages. This is inspiring photography.


Best Documentary: »One Child Nation« by Nanfu Wang and Jialing Zhang

One mother’s exploration of the atrocities China’s now infamous ”one child policy” makes for both a balanced and horrifying film. Director Nanfu Wang and Jialing Zhang leave no angle unattended and let a plethora of voices tell the tale of what happened in China between 1979 and 2015.


Stockholm Impact Award: Kantemir Balagov for »Beanpole«

A vastly beautiful and exceptionally well-executed film by a young emerging filmmaker. Through a small story about love with complications you gradually get drawn into multiple layers of horrors of war without firing a single shot. A story totally embodied by two young women where maternity becomes the healing power in an amazing performance by the two young female leads, both touching and sharp in every detail.


Best Short Film: »Kingdom Come« by Sean Robert Dunn

In the film, story and visual language converge in a confident manner resulting in a powerful emotional roller coaster. The jury wishes to congratulate the director on his strong individualistic voice and skilled cinematic storytelling.


The 2019 Rising Star Award goes to an actor with integrity and luminosity, with comedic timing, resonance and a musical ear. A person who is always completely present with a relaxed relationship to both text and situation, making them a natural in front of any camera. We are talking total star power and want to see much more of their acting: Celie Sparre.

1 KM FILM 2019

Captivating, sensitively but with a clear outsider perspective she continues to explore different evocative Los Angeles settings, in the seamless joint between arrangement and observation, between myth and every day, between art and cinema, between given roles and varying masks. The 1 Km Film scholarship of 2019 is given to Tova Mozard.

1 KM FILM 2019 Honorable Mention

The jury would like to give an honorary mention to Fanny Rosell for her humorous tone and singular approach to documentary subjects finding new and unusual perspectives in her studies of the human condition. The 1 Km Film honorable mention of 2019 goes to Fanny Rosell.


A gripping contemporary story that deals with a large and universal subject, which also succeeds in surprising and fascinating. We are impressed by the way the filmmaker skillfully communicates his story and draws us into this dark and absurd world. The winner is »Gökungen« by Oskar Willers.

FIPRESCI Award for Best Film

This year’s FIPRESCI Award for Best Film goes to »By the Grace of God« by Francois Ozon, with the motivation: An important film and a story that is increasingly relevant as the Catholic Church and the Vatican look to reform. As the story unfolds its gravity creeps up on you with Ozon taking a humanistic approach while exacting strong performances from his actors, who are playing characters based on real life men.


Photo: »Song Without a Name« by Melina León

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