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1 Km Film - the future of Swedish cinema!

27 film festivals, 27 kilometers of film. Since its inception the Stockholm Film Festival has selected the recipients of one of Sweden’s most generous short film stipends, 1 Km Film. This stipend is offered each year to a promising filmmaker, allowing him or her to create an original short film to further hone their craft. Our 2018 recipient was Julia Thelin.

1 Km Film was created in 1990 and has since proven itself a great tool in pinpointing new and exciting talent within Swedish cinema. Amanda Adolfsson (the winner of 1 Km Film in 2006) would go on to direct the feature film “Unga Sophie Bell” (2014); and Jon Skoog’s “Shadowlands” (2014), partially funded by the 2013 stipend, was selected for main competition in Berlin in 2015. Johan Jonasson (1 Km Film 2003) later directed documentary feature film “Conquering China” (2014).

The 1 Km Film stipend is offered by the Stockholm Film Festival to a young Swedish director. The final participants will see their films screened during the festival, and will additionally benefit from Master classes hosted by established filmmakers. Last year, Master classes were held by Asghar Farhadi and Jesper Ganslandt. The winner of the 1 Km Film stipend will exhibit their new short film during the festival the following year. 

Apply to be a recipient of 1 km film!

To apply, please forward your finished short film (with a running length of 30 mins maximum) as well as a project description of your future short. Feel free to include a script, a synopsis, storyboards and the like, in order to give us the best idea of what you wish to accomplish. The jury will base its decision on your intended project idea, so please revise carefully before submitting.

Application window closes: 19 september

Please forward your film and project description to program@stockholmfilmfestival.se

The prize

100 000 SEK from the Swedish Film Institute and production assistance from Dagsljus, Teaterförbundet för scen och film, Thomas Ahlén AB, Chimney Post och Ola Bäccman. Total prize value amounts to 500 000 SEK. 


Is there an age limit to apply?

There is no age limit, but the stipend is aimed at filmmakers in the early stages of their filmmaking careers.

Does the film have to be in 35 mm?

No. Any chosen film will be screened in a digital format (DCP or file).

Does the film have to be a recent one?

The film cannot have premiered before last year's festival, the date of which was November 7-18, 2018.

If the film has already been screened in Sweden, can I still apply?

Yes, this is not relevant for the 1 km film stipend.

How detailed would you like the project description to be?

The project description should include a plot synopsis and the director's vision for the film. The most important aspect of the project description is that it provide a clear overview of what you have in mind for the film and what it is you aim to do. Feel free to include a shooting script.


Phone: 08-677 50 21
E-mail: program@stockholmfilmfestival.se


Production support from SFI, Teaterförbundet, Dagsljus, Thomas Ahlén AB, Chimney Post, Ola Bäccman.

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