The Stockholm Filmfestival Junior started in the year 2000 in order to spread quality film for kids and teens. We organize film-workshops and the short film competition "1 Minute Film" to promote filmmaking at a young age. During the festival week we will show films from around the world in cinemas all around Stockholm for elementary schools, high schools, and anyone 6-19 years old - completely free of charge!


The festival's goal is to show quality film from around the world, film which rarely reaches the usual cinema-goers, homes, or schools. The film-showtimes vary with filmmaking, discussion, and foundations that can be taken back to the classroom. Additionally, the festival is visited every year by a group of international filmmakers who come to Stockholm to meet audiences and answer questions. Film showtimes are free for all children, teens, and teachers. The programme and tickets are released in March 2021.

The festival takes place on six action packed days in April. The festival begins with the inauguration, and ends with the Prize Ceremony and gala att Skandia Cinema where the winners of our 1 Minute Film competition are announced.

The festival is returning again the 19-24 of April 2021!


The Festival 19-24 April 2021, every spring we show over 30 films on over 100 occasions in 6 days. The films have free entry for children, teens, and teachers as well as the festival's members. Ticket booking opens in March 2021 (Date TBD).

Teacher Guides, download teacher guides for elementary, middle, and high school to find discussion guides which match the topics that the films in the Junior programme focus on.

The Sports Break's Film Workshops, alongside the Junior film tutors children between 6-19 years old get to create their own films during the sports break at Tekniska Museum and Naturhistoriska Museum. All the short films created in the workshops will be submitted to the short film competition 1 Minute Film. Read more and apply here!! Due to the pandemic we will not be arranging film workshops during the break this year. 

Mobile Film Workshops, our film tutors come to your school for a whole day and create films with classes all over Stockholm county. It can be booked throughout the whole year. Apply here!

The Short Film Competition "1 Minute Film", The Junior festivals national film competition for young directors ages 6-19. The competition begins accepting submissions during the fall. The deadline for submissions is 1 April 2021. The winners will be announced at the Prize Ceremony at Skandia Cinema. Here you can find more information about submissions.

Industry Day, during the Stockholm Filmfestival Junior a day is organized for the film-industry with seminars and Work in Progress. More information will be released soon.

Boundary-breaking and international cooperation, The Stockholm Filmfestival Junior promotes an interest in film, media, and every child's right to tell their stories and make their voices heard. Throughout the years that the festival has been active, we have arranged film-workshops, inspiration-days, and film showings around the world.


Visit our filmschool, learn all the tips and tricks, and submit your completed films to the short film competition "1 Minute Film" to get the chance to have your film shows at the cinema during the Stockholm Film Festival Junior. You can also win amazing prizes! Here you can read more about 1 Minute Film

In the Mobile Film Workshop, classes get the opportunity to try to create films together. We come to your school with equipment and experienced film-makers, so get started with your scripts and star filming! A fun way to connect the class and use film as a storytelling device. Here you can read more about our Mobile Film Workshop.


Johanna Lindhé
Junior Producer


Cecilia Oscarsson
Junior Project Leader


Senja Salander
Project Leader of the Educational Activities
Booking Mobile Film Workshops and the School Cinema


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