The Festival of 1999

Sex on the Silver screen is in focus in 1999 under the theme "Sinema". The debate is about explicit sex now moving into mainstream films such as, »Eyes Wide Shut« by Stanley Kubrick, which came out that year. Moral panic erupts when the festival wants to discuss the boundaries between regular film and porn. The festival's financial support is threatened when a local politician, who refuses to see the films, tries to censor the festival and withdraw the public support money – something that does not succeed. A hot debate is being held with, among others, Film critic Nils-Petter Sundgren, Director Vilgot Sjöman and the artist Alexander Bard in the panel.

Theme: "Sinema". Gaspar Noé is the Head of the Jury.

This year's festival poster

Winners at the Stockholm Film Festival in 1999 

Best Film: Les convoyeurs attendent, Benoît Mariage 
Best Debut: Nordrand, Barbara Albert  
Best Script: Boys Don't Cry, Kimberly Peirce 
Best Actor: Boys Don't Cry, Hilary Swank 
Best Actress (Honourable mention): Morgane Simon Les convoyeurs attendent 
Best Actor: Nasty Neighbours, Ricky Tomlinson  
Best Cinematography: Tin seung yan gaan, Yiu-Fai Lai  
Best Short Film: Avrättningen, Jens Jonsson 
1 km film Grant: Clinch, Håkan Lindhé  
1 km film Grant, Honourable mention: Rasten, Babak Najafi 
iFestival WWW Award: Flat ‘n’ Fluffy 
Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award: Roman Polanski 
FIPRESCI Award for Best Film: Boys Don't Cry, Kimberly Peirce 
FIPRESCI Award, Honourable mention: Getting to Know You, Lisanne Skyler 
FIPRESCI Award, Northern Lights Section: Ristumine peateega, Arko Okk 


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