The festival of 1990

The plans to launch the Stockholm Film Festival were announced at Cannes Film Festival in 1990. There, the founders saw David Lynch's film »Wild at Heart« and fell in love with what later that year would be the Stockholm Film Festival's very first opening film. The festival was founded by Ignas Scheynius and Kim Klein together with the current director Git Scheynius and the first edition took place over four days. Right from the start, the Stockholm Film Festival was the directors' festival and several big names are guests from year one. During the more than 30 years which have passed since then, many of the greatest directors have visited Stockholm.

The festival rents a fax machine to communicate with the outside world. Yes – this was before (!) The internet. A fax is written to the legendary B-movie director Roger Corman. The short and concise answer from Corman's agent;  "he is coming". The final edit of »Frankenstein Unbound« was not quite finished and was therefore finished on site in Stockholm based on Corman's direction.

The future Bronze Horse winner Everett Lewis surprises everyone when he, two days before the start of the festival, steps into the office – which at that time was just a room and a kitchen. The following conversation takes place:
”Oh shit, this is the festival?”
”It hasn’t even begun yet!”
”So this is the way you do a festival?”
”We think so …”


This year's festival poster

Winners at 1990 Stockholms Film Festival

Best Film: The Natural History of Parking Lots, Everett Lewis 
1 km film Grant: Max Andersson 
Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award: Roger Corman 
FIPRESCI award for Best Film: The Reflecting Skin, Philip Ridley 

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