FAQ – Industry Days

Questions about film screenings: 

Do I have to book a ticket to see the films? 

No, you do not. Your Industry Pass gives you access to all screenings, subject to availability. In order to see the films, you simply show up at the time and place of the screening, show your Industry Badge, and wait to see if there are any available seats lefts. If you wish to guarantee yourself a spot for a specific screening, you can purchase a ticket at the reduced member rate. 

How do I purchase a member ticket? 

There are two options. 

1: Go to one of the film venues. Show your Industry Badge. Make sure to ask for a member ticket when you make your purchase. 

2: Go to our website. Register or log in to your account. Purchase a digital member ticket. Make sure to bring both your Industry Badge and your ticket to the screening, as these might be controlled by the staff. 

Do I need to register my Industry Pass on the website to buy a member ticket? 

No, you do not. Simply bring both your Industry Badge and your ticket to the screening. 

Questions about Industry Events: 

How do I RSVP for an event? 

Links for the RSVP pages can be found in our information pages about the specific events. If you haven't RSVP:ed you can only attend with your Industry Pass if there is enough seats available. 

Can I bring a friend for the events? 

If the RSVP allows you to book a +1, you can. If not, your friend needs to purchase an Industry Pass and RSVP for the event separately. 

Can I RSVP for someone else? 

Yes, but the person you RSVP for needs to have their own Industry Pass. 

The event I want to attend is fully booked, what do I do? 

If the event is full, you can sign up for the waiting list on the same RSVP site. If a spot opens up, the next person on the waiting list will be notified with an invitation. All waiting list requests must be sent through the RSVP site. If there is still seats available when the event begins, you can enter with your Industry Pass. Waiting list is only available until 15 minutes before the event starts. 

Do I need an Industry Pass to attend the Industry Events? 

Yes, you do. You can purchase your Industry Pass here !

Where will the Industry Events be held? 

Most events and Cocktails will be held at Filmhuset. More information about times and schedule for the events will follow. Below are information about the location of the venues.

Mauritz and Victor, Filmhuset 

Adress: Borgvägen 1, 115 53 Stockholm 
Nearest metro station: Karlaplan 
Nearest bus stop: Filmhuset 
Quickest public transit: From T-Centralen, take the red metro line 13 Ropsten and get off at Karlaplan. Exit towards Valhallavägen. Walk for about 8 minutes. Mauritz and Victor are both located inside of Filmhuset. 


Adress: Sergels torg, 111 57 Stockholm 
Nearest metro station: T-Centralen 
Nearest bus stop: Sergels torg 
Quickest public transit: Walking distance from T-Centralen and Centralstationen. If you get off at T-Centralen, exit towards Sergels torg. 


Questions about the Industry Pass: 

Where do I get an Industry Pass? 

On our website, under the tab “Industry Accreditation 2022”. Or follow this link.

How much does the Industry Pass cost? 

Industry Pass: 80€ 
Industry ONLINE ONLY Pass: 50€
Industry Student Pass: 45€

When will I receive my Industry Badge? 

Industry Badges will be made available before the start of the festival. You can collect yours at our Industry Office. More information will follow. 

What is included in my Industry Pass? 

Access to all screenings and events, subject to availability. The option to purchase film tickets at a member price, for a guaranteed spot. Access to Festival on Demand.

Who can purchase an Industry Pass? 

The Industry Pass is available for anyone working or studying in film, television or related forms of media. If you are not in the film industry, you can purchase one of our regular memberships to get reduced ticket prices and other benefits. You can also purchase single tickets to the film screenings. More information about this can be found on our website. 

Why do I need to send in a photo? 

The Industry Pass is a personal ID that gives you access to our festival. The staff at each event or screening need to be able to confirm your identity as an Industry professional/student. This is a matter of safety and respect for our guests and staff. Send your photo to industryassistent@stockholmfilmfestival.se  

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