This years’ winner of the Stockholm Visionary Award is the Academy Award-nominated director Pablo Larraín. In connection to the screening of his latest movie Neruda Pablo Larraín will visit Stockholm International Film Festival to receive the Bronze horse.

Pablo Larraín will attend the award ceremony at Stockholm Film Festival and to participate in an open conversation about his latest movie the 18th of November at 3 PM on Skandia. Buy your tickets here! 

During the seminar the audience will have the chance to ask questions directly to the director. This is also the only chance for journalists and media to ask questions. 

Motivation: This year’s Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award winner is a versatile director with great artistic precision. With a sharp eye directed towards the history of Chile, Pablo Larraín has – via individual life destinies with universal reach – revealed corruption and political deceit on all levels of society. He has redefined the biopic and is constantly broadening our cinematic horizons. With seven brilliant films behind him, Pablo Larraín is a truly visionary filmmaker. 

The well known director has given us movies such as Tony Manero (2008), El Club (2015) and No (2012), the last mentioned was nominated for Best foreign language film at the Academy Awards 2013.

He is also the director behind Post Mortem (2011) and Jackie (2016), for which Natalie Portman was nominated for another Academy Award for her portrayal of Jacqueline Kennedy. His movies also received prizes in Berlin, Cannes and Toronto and have been nominated for the Gold Lion in Venice twice. One of the most recurring themes of Larraín’s movies is to bring light upon the bloody and corrupt past of his homeland Chile, something he demonstrates in both Tony Manero, Post Mortem, No and El Club – and his latest movie Neruda is no exception.

The movie is set in Chiles’ late 40’s where the communist party has been banned by the government. The ban sparks a wild hunt on the Nobel-prize winning poet, and dedicated communist, Pablo Neruda. A hunt, that will make Neruda a refugee in his own country.

Stockholm Visionary Award was founded in 2004 and the award, the Bronze horse, weighs 7,3 kilos. Earlier recipients include Peter Greenaway, Jacques Audiard and Wes Anderson.