Submission FAQ


Q: How do I submit my film to the Stockholm International Film Festival?
A: We only accept submissions through FilmFreeway. Please register your film there and follow their instructions.



Q: In which format can I send you my film?
A: We only accept secure online screeners through FilmFreeway or Vimeo. Please refrain from changing the password after submitting! The selection team is not obliged to contact the submitting party to ask for an updated password. If the password is changed after your submission, please inform us about the change as soon as possible.


Q: What is your entry fee?

International feature films + Documentary

Early bird – deadline March 31: 45€
Regular – deadline July 15: 70€
Late – deadline August 15: 110€
After – deadline September 15: 125€

International shorts

Early bird – deadline March 31: 40€
Regular – deadline July 15: 65€
Late – deadline August 15: 100€
After – deadline September 15: 115€

Please note that we do not charge anything for Swedish films.

Q: Can I receive a waiver for the fee?
A: We put much effort into watching all submitted films and we regard this as highly important work. Hence we are unable to offer any, nor answer all requests regarding waivers. In specific cases we may be able to make exceptions, one such case would be if one of your previous films has been selected by us.

Q: I changed my mind, can I please get a refund?
A: Unfortunately not, we do not issue any refunds for films submitted and fully/partially paid.


Q: How long/short can my film be to qualify as a feature/short?
A: We consider all films over 72 minutes to be feature films, and all films under 30 minutes to be shorts. Anything between 30-72 minutes can unfortunately not be accepted by our programming team.


Q: When can I expect to hear back from you regarding my submission?
A: We will be reaching out to all filmmakers in mid-October at the very latest. Please be patient, we will not be able to answer questions regarding the selection process. We ask for your kind understanding.

Q: Will I receive any statement or feedback regarding my film(s)?
A: We receive a high quantity of submissions and are simply not able to offer any individual feedback. The programing team's decision is confidential and final.


Q: If my film is selected, how should it be subtitled?
A: All entries must be presented with their original soundtrack and should preferably be subtitled in English. We do not require films which are completely in English to be subtitled. We do, however, require films in Swedish to provide English subtitles.


Q: What premiere status do you require in order to participate in the festival?
A: Films should not have been released in their country of origin earlier than the 22th of November 2020 and should not have opened to the public or been screened at any festival in Sweden. (i.e. Fantastisk Film Festival, Göteborg Film Festival, Tempo Film Festival, Uppsala Film Festival).

Q: Can my film appear online before screening at the Stockholm Film Festival?
A: No. Any film which is, or has been, publicly available online is no longer eligible for the festival.


Q: My film won’t be ready in time for your submission deadline. Can I send it anyway?
A: Yes. We accept work-in-progress versions of films as long as they are clearly marked as such. We do not rate unfinished films negatively because of this. Please note that if your film is chosen, it is crucial for you to send us your finished film no later than one month before your first screening at the festival.

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