Indie-princess Christina Ricci plays the lead in this film, based on Elizabeth Wurtzel’s autobiographical best seller. A drama where a mother/daughter relation built on solid guilt is the focal point, Prozac Nation is as much a film reflecting the mid-Reagan era where living up to the image of success, whilst realizing the complete shallowness of it makes an impossible equation. “Most people cut themselves and put a band-aid on. I just keep bleeding”, states main character Lizzie, formed partly by the ever-going quest/quarrel between her mother and the formerly absent character. Seeing her go through sudden mood changes and manic outbursts is painful – and it should be, this being foremost a bleak settlement with the 80’s in general and America in particular.In the shadow of the Challenger disaster, people are going through tragedies on their own.The film does not present any answers, instead it leaves the viewer with a number of questions. Is the “happy pill” really bliss, since it seems to make the patient gradually lose his/her personality?Norwegian director Erik Skojdbjaerg tells the story in intimate, spartan images with the help of actors such as Anne Heche, Michelle Williams, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and a Jason Biggs who is miles away from the adolescent puns of American Pie. To top the bill, an exquisite Jessica Lange plays Lizzie’s mother Sarah, out-shining the rest of the cast by far.Martin Wegeland

Prozac Nation poster
Prozac Nation
Eric Skjoldbjaerg
99 min
American Independents
Christina Ricci,Anne Heche,Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
Brad Weston
Larry Gross

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