Spike Island, 1990. Stone Roses is on stage before thousands of young Brits who have grown up under Thatcherism. They are yearning for something better and are now convinced that they have found it.It would be possible to claim another starting point for the wave of British pop which swept over us during the 90’s, but John Dower, the director behind Live Forever, chose Spike Island and makes it seem as if the choice were the obvious one. Kurt Cobain’s suicide, which more or less paralyzed the American rock music industry, took place not much later. During the next five years British indie pop would rise higher than at any preceding period. Many of the participants in Live Forever – Jarvis Cocker, the Gallagher brothers, Damon Albarn, Louise Werner, and the writer Michael Bracewell, among many others – tells us about the rise and fall of the British pop empire. Most of what characterized the British pop scene during the 90’s, good and evil, is discussed: Lodaded, the young man’s magazine which originated the lad culture, the ever more intensive search for Britain’s very own culture after years of American cultural imperialism, and, of course, a whole lot of fantastic pop music.What makes Live Forever more than a mere British pop documentary is the link made to Labour and Tony Blair and how they eagerly exploited this young and vital cultural scene for political gain. We could be hard put to find a more entertaining contemporary documentary.MATTIAS DAHLSTRÖM

Live Forever
John Dower
84 min
Damon Albarn,Jarvis Cocker,Robert del Naja
John Battsek
John Dower

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