Bright Future is one of those very few fi lms in world history in which a killer jellyfi sh plays a signifi cant role. Yuji and Mamoru, best friends who desperately want to leave behind their monotonous job in a towelette factory, have one such as pet in the tiny fl at they share. Fleeing from their boss is the real challenge. And he be damned if he is not going to befriend them – against their will! – pestering the friends at every opportunity. No sooner have they slouched on the sofa to enjoy the ping-pong world championship than he shows up. The situation becomes so unbearable that the friends decide to murder him, but when they reach his home they realize they are late: he has already taken his own life. The police reckons Yuji killed him, and the evidence is compelling enough to send him to jail. Mamoru, broken- hearted, commits suicide. His father fulfi ls his last wish, to let the jellyfi sh loose in Tokyo’s sewer system. Soon enough thousands of jellyfi sh have gathered and more or less invaded Tokyo’s watercourse. In some of this year’s most spectacular and beautiful scenes, the red tentacles make the waters seem like circulating blood. And just as vigorous and animated is the rest of Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s fi lm. MATTIAS DAHLSTRÖM

Bright Future
Kurosawa Kyoshi
92 min
Asian Images
Joe Odagiri,Tadanobu Fuji,Takashi Sasano
Takashi Asai
Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Pacific 231

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