Early one morning in the girls' school Jookra Hills High two classmates find their hated teacher Old Fox brutally maimed and hung on the school premises. Rumours have it that one of the school's old pupils who died nine years ago in an odd way, haunts and revenges herself on the teachers. In order not to give the school a bad reputation the girls are forced to keep quiet about the incident. But curiosity takes hold and the two girls who found Old Fox try to contact the supposed ghost and get more and more involved in the drama around the deaths. Whispering Corridors became a mass phenomenon in Korea. Students throughout the country adapted elements from the film, learnt the dialogue by heart and revolted against the teachers. The teachers counteracted by trying to get the film banned but that only caused the press to notice the film even more and it topped the 1998 lists during the first six months. The film is not only a ghost story with mystic details like initials carved into desks, small jingle bells in echoing corridors and dim flashbacks but it also observes the frustration and performance anxiety that the competition in school often can produce. The interaction between teachers and pupils and between pupils is so depicted that any old or young pupil can recognize the situation - even if not everyone was hit over the knuckles.

Whispering Corridors
Park Ki-hyeong
105 min
Twilight Zone
Internationell premiär
Mi-yuon Lee, Kyu-li Kim, Sae-yun Choi
Choon-yun Lee
Ki-hyung Park
Seung-hyun Moon, Jung-ho Park

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