Marion and John are a young couple who have retired to their cottage in the countryside. Their marriage has been rocky for a while. That was when their son was born, who takes up all of Marion's time. That was also when John's brother Tony died of AIDS. Now they have invited a couple of their closest friends over for a weekend to celebrate the memory of the charismatic and seductive Tony. Naturally one of the invited is Lyle, Tony's lover, who unexpectedly has brought his new boyfriend Robert. The little group is also joined by a summer guest, Laura Ponti, a middle aged woman who is a recent widow after her fourth husband dies. There is also Laura's daughter Nina, an actress from the world of soaps and B-movies, who is constantly arguing with her mother. The Weekend is an English indie-film in American surroundings. The outer climate of emotions is cool and constrained, such as is the British. The drama might as well have taken place in the English countryside, as in upstate New York. The inner emotional conflicts are more straightforwardly American, and therefore coloured by an American moral code. The protagonists recall the last summer that they spent with Tony with nostalgic flashbacks and suddenly they start to see their contemporary situations in life in great relief. The longing becomes crippling. Everything is extremely well tempered and contemplative in this drama of human reason, which from time to time is punctuated by the refreshing appearances of Gena Rowlands who makes straightforward reflections on duality and the reappearing and eternal dilemmas of the family unit. ''You can go anywhere in the world and the same things will be constant. The sun goes up. The moon goes down. And children resent their parents.''

Brian Skeet
97 min
Open Zone
Gena Rowlands, Deborah Kara Unger, Brooke Shields
Ian Benson
Brian Skeet
Dan Jones, Sarah Class

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