Everyday life in Hong Kong. China is about to take over and changes are taking place in the community. A gang of discharged professional soldiers, without any plans for the future, decide on committing a bank robbery. On July 1, 1997, Hong Kong became once more Chinese after 140 years of British government. Fruit Chan has been strongly affected by the take-over and is working on a separate trilogy with this as the main theme. First came the much-noticed Made in Hong Kong, which was shown at the Stockholm Film Festival in 1997 and which deals with dissolution and frustration. The Longest Summer is about the challenges of unemployment and the ability to start afresh. In focus is a group of middle-aged men. They are all discharged from the British Hong Kong Army and are suddenly left without employment and a sense of belonging. What to do? Distribute leaflets? Start working as bridge constructors? Become Mafia underlings? One of the men talks the others into securing their future by robbing a bank. But the coup does not turn out the way they thought it would and soon the Mafia is involved. The bank robbery gives the film an action centre, but it can also be seen as a kind of amusing and dramatic documentary. Chan has included authentic TV stories and news programs from the opening of the Tsing Ma Bridge as well as the farewell of the British and the welcome of the Chinese. Meanwhile, you experience part of everyday life, with its strongly tainted signs in neon, the subway guards pushing people into the coaches, uniformed school girls and mobile telephones with all kinds of possible and impossible signals.

The Longest Summer
Chan Kuo
128 min
Asian Images
Svensk premiär
Tony Ho, Sam Lee, Jo Kuk
Daniel Yu
Chan Kuo
Lam Wah Chuen, Kenneth Bi

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