1. Safety to humans, 2. Safety to people's property, 3.Make a good movie. Those are the main rules that the director Larry Benjamin (played by Lloyd Kaufman himself) keeps in order to complete a successful shooting. With the knowledge of 30 years of intense film-making, he is now in the middle of a hectic production. In spite of his long experience it turns out to be a shooting without comparison. Also blind, Larry succeeds in hiring a team that is probably the worst bunch of people one can think of employing. But the daily confrontations between the blind Larry and his team workers are nothing compared to the bizarre murders the team is constantly exposed to. A mysterious murderer goes literally berserk on the victims. In spite of all this and the existing absurd chaos Larry and the team are firmly decided to complete the filming. At any cost because Art is created here! Terror Firmer is inspired by Lloyd Kaufman's newly published book All I Need To Know About Filmmaking I Learned From The Toxic Avenger. It shows logically that something absolutely extraordinary is demanded to be classified as a Troma film or even compared to one. In a traditional Troma genre Terror Firmer is an endless revelling in wholly demented characters mingled with piss, shit, blood, sex, violence, and rock'n roll far beyond anything one has ever seen on a film screen. Once more we see the cult figure of Lemmy from Motorhead guesting in a Troma film. The first one was Tromeo & Juliet. This is the very last cult reel of the 20th century. The fans have every reason to ask: will Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Entertainment ever be able to top this film?

Terror Firmer
Lloyd Kaufman
109 min
Twilight Zone
Skandinavisk premiär
Will Keenan, Alyce La Tournelle, Lloyd Kaufman
Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz
Lloyd Kaufman

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