This film portrays individuals within the turbulent music life of Los Angeles. Personalities who either want to make their debut, get yet another chance, or just manage to live an ordinary and drug-free life are presented. Allison Anders' and Kurt Voss' tragic-comical story in a musical environment is a good example of their long experience as film-makers. We are lead into an absurd world of self-deceit, cynicism and resignation at the same time as we see signs of warmth, caring, and vulnerability. Sugar Town is unusual in many ways, but the people it portrays are easily recognized - which, naturally, contributes to its comic potential. For it is very ordinary problems and questions these former or future musical stars are confronted with. It is almost autobiographical, and it is therefore no surprise that the script was written with specific actors in mind. The members in the band constituting the centre of various stories in the film are, for instance, played by former bass players in Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet John Taylor and Martin Kemp, the rock legend Michael Des Barres, and the record producer Larry Klein. Despite the fact that from the original idea to the last shot only took five months to finish, Anders and Voss manage to pull off their project in style. Their close co-operation and long time friendship are, together with the self-sacrificing attitudes of the actors involved, some of the keys to the film's success.

Sugar Town
Allison Anders, Kurt Voss
93 min
American Independents
Michael Des Barres, Jade Gordon, Ally Sheedy, Rosanna Arquette, Martin Kemp
Dan Hassid
Allison Anders, Kurt Voss
Larry Klein

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