36-year old Mila makes a bet that she can make a photoreport from inside the Pink Prison. She does not manage to get in legally, but at night she breaks into the prison. This is the start of different erotic adventures. The World Premiere for Puzzy Power's second production! Zentropa's subdivision for quality pornography, that not only raises the bar for the men but is also supposed to get women turned on. This time they have dared to follow up the female theme by allowing a person without a penis to do both the directing and the scriptwriting. Lisbeth Lynghoft has never before done pornography, but she quotes Tennessee Williams: ''Nothing human is alien to me''. The setting of the prison was given from start, but other then that Lynghoft was given free rein as to contents, as long as the film didn't violate the code of Puzzy Power. That is: female desire in focus of a coherent story, where the raising of erotic tensions leads to sex scenes without coersion or violence that is demeaning to women. Lynghoft wanted to create a multifaceted and believable protagonist - a strong woman who follows her own desires. But what would this woman do? To get some ideas she invited some friends over for refreshments and asked them what they wanted to see in a porno-film. ''It was an interesting but confusing evening. In conclusion I can say that everybody has their own favourite story, personal desire and ultimate fantasy. I listened to the advice of my friends and found a phosphorous-lit cellar where I proceeded with writing the script. The result will not revolutionize the porn industry, but I consider it a fine task to give my own personal interpretation of what a porno film should look like.''

Pink Prison
Lisbeth Lynghøft
75 min
Katja Kean, Alberto Rex, Mr Marcus, Mark Duran
Lene Borglum
Lisbeth Lynghoft
Nils Lassen

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