During one night three professional hitmen merciless slay seven homeless kids. The hitmens friend and employer, Paul Decker, have contracted them. He is a man with the right connections within the underworld. Daniel Wingrowe, one of the hitmen, is soon after involved in a new somewhat extraordinary mission together with Paul. The target is the writer Morton J. Bugs. The mission seems quite simple and will bring a large and welcomed amount of money but there is something mysterious. While Paul is making the plan and acquiring untraceable weapons, Daniel lives his every day routine, that involves drugs and lots of perverted features. Plenty of his free time he spends together with his sex slave Christy Rise and a variety of S-M games. Daniel gets seriously influenced by Morton J. Bugs' book Pure, and real ises that they share their thoughts and values, which results in hallucinations and an unexpected turn of events the night when Mr. Bugs will receive his ticket to heaven. Richard Wolstencraft has no problem admitting that he likes sex and violence infilm.ln 1992, heand his then partner Jon Hewitt wrote and directed the vampire film Bloodlust, a low budget film, recorded on video that quickly got popular among horror film enthusiast. Pearls Before Swine has similar ingredients: wiping and spanking, also leather and lac. The head character, Daniel Wingrowe is played by the controversial philosopherlactor Boyd Rise, the man behind the musical phenomenon NON.

Pearls before swine
Richard Wolstencroft
96 min
Twilight Zone
Boyd Rice, Lisa Hutchinson, Nick Crawford Smith
George Didolas, Richard Wolstonecraft
Richard Wolstencroft
Boyd Rice

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