The film is based on the myth of Nak, the wife who didn't fail her husband - not even after her death. Her husband Mak is called to war and is forced to leave his pregnant wife. After hard fights and a time of convalescence he returns and is met by Nak and the baby. The resume their married life but their past haunts them. What did happen in the war? What did happen in the childbirth? Life grows more and more weird and more and more villagers die in the most appalling ways. But one day something happens that makes Mak realize the horrible truth about his beloved wife. Nang Nakfits into a long tradition of filmed myths that take place in a indefinite past. The film is more like the very popular historic romances of Chinese origin in Thailand than the popular national so-called Nang chiwit-films, i.e. modern, urban melodramas. In Nang Nak not even the frequent beautiful and still nature scenes are any escape from the terror of the spirits. Both nature and spritual world are as much heaven as hell. The sometimes static and sometimes fidgety camera makes the uncertainty even bigger. The film's illustration of what dread of eternal love can lead to makes it interesting. The myth might have been used to frighten people away from personal happiness in favor of spiritual and social happiness. Perhaps Nak's resistance of death is also a resistance against the society that separated her from Mak. The many dead men in her stride is also a fight for the right of family happiness. It is inevitable that it is crushed, of course. Perhaps it also shows that nothing is as scary for a director as a vindictive woman.

Nang Nak
Nonzee Nimibutr
100 min
Asian Images
lntira Jaroenpura, Winai Kraibutr
Nonzee Nimibutr
Wisid Sartsanatieng
Pakawat Waiwittaya, Chatchai Pongprapapun

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