Roger Closset is a reporter at the local newspaper in a Belgian town. He is also a hot-headed, and perhaps too dominant, family man. In the quest for extraordinary success, his plan is to have his son entered into the Guiness Book of Records by breaking the record for door openings during 48 hours - and in doing so to win a car for the family. A coach is hired. The father turns into a fierce clown who doesn't bother about the wishes of the family members. The fact that the son has no inclination towards breaking any door-opening record doesn't matter at all. The family is now going to become something out of the ordinary. And as the subtitle says: by keeping sitting on your behind, things will never happen. The whole setting of Les convoyeurs attendent is comical. The gallery of personalities is burlesque and racy, the characters chiseled in a loving way and the events somewhat surrealistic and screamingly funny. But it is a rather sad and serious comedy. That the film is in black and white is no chance and a comparison with The Bicycle Thief is more accurate than with Cosby. Big and serious issues are dealt with to leave the viewer emotionally aching all over. What is and what is not important in life? Sometimes everything feels trivial and bitter but to live is to try. In a very beautiful and heart-rending sequence the father has hurt his little daughter and wants to console her. He writes a short message that he fastens to her balloon explaining the fantastic fact that it can fly anywhere in the world. Of course, the balloon sinks behind the nearest fence.

Les Convoyeurs attendent
Benoit Mariage
94 min
Skandinavisk premiär
Benoit Poelvoorde, Morgane Simon, Bouli Lanners, Dominique Baeyens
Dominique Janne
BenoIt Mariage, Emanuelle Bada, Jean-Luc Seigle
Stephane Huguenin, Yves Sanna

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