Through the eyes of young Bebe we follow three people in the Havana of today. The narrator shows us the life of Mariana, a ballerina with a great appetite for men, Juliana who works in an old people's home-and who lately has been having sudden fainting attacks - and the musician Elpidio who grieves after being abandoned by his mother. All three have problems to deal with, at the same time as they fall in love. La vida es silbar is a film where chance is the main character. It partly has a supernatural feel that is in sharp contrast to the scenes that take place in the streets of Havana. Here we see realism, the life of the street, the filth, the traffic that seems to be taken straight from a documentary about the Cuban capital. Some people almost consider it a sport to try to uncover hidden critiques of the regime when it comes to films from countries where there is no freedom of speech. Those practicing this sport will have a field day with this film. As is the case with the Chinese and Iranian films that reach the international film scene La vida es silbar contains many segments that can be interpreted as more or less hidden protests. For example, the people that faint every time they hear words that are significant (one of the many peculiarities of this film). They do not only drop to the ground when hearing words such as ''sex'' and ''ethics'', but also when hearing ''freedom'' and ''truth''. And one can also see great symbolism in Elpidio's destiny, abandoned by his mother, whose name is Cuba. If he does not hear from her soon he will leave the country with his new-found love who is from the ''free'' world. But it is difficult to see the three protagonists as merely tools in a hidden critique of Cuban society. These are believable characters who, to some effect, contribute to the realism of this film.

La Vida Es Silbar
Fernando Pérez
110 min
Open Zone
Rolando Brito, Luis Alberto Garcia, Bebe Perez
Fernando Pérez
Eduardo del Llano, Huberto Jimenez, Fernando Perez
Edesio Alejandro

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