A number of brutal murders of young male prostitutes affects the Los Angeles nightlife. The newly appointed detective Raymond Vates starts looking for a serial killer together with his partner, the veteran Tom Ellis. Vates, who has hidden his own homosexuality in order to make a career within the police department, is attacked by the killer. However, the killer lets him live, but takes Vates' badge and he finds himself accused of being involved in the murders. John Huckert managed to simultaneously annoy some parts of the gay-movement in USA, at the same time as he received acclaim and rewards from others. In uncomplicated, but extremely well-composed scenes Hard visualizes the hypocritical relations the police have to their profession in general and to homosexuality in particular. It sets the bright hallways of the police department against the dark alleyways of the LA night. Raymond Vates moves effortlessly in both of these areas, which initially becomes the start of - and later also the solution to - the murders. One of the slogans of the film says that ''the inability to love openly creates perversion'', and herein lies the message of the whole film. For, according to Huckert, every character in the film lies about their lives, everybody, except the killer. Huckert presents a distinctive and touching story with the help of a wonderful cast. Charles Lanyer's performance in the role of Vates' veteran partner is outstanding. Displaying a low-key and forceful capacity in his acting, he manages to reveal a slow and sympathetic change in his character that is unforgettable.

John Huckert
0 min
American Independents
Noel Palomaria, Malcolm Moorman
John Huckert
John Matkowsky, John Huckert
Phil Settle, John Huckert

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