Jake is a young director who is doing a documentary about U2 (Bono and U2 take part in the film) when he gets the opportunity to make an expensive feature film in New York. There he falls in love with a model, Stella, when he sees her in a fashion show. By a coincidence they bump into each other again in a cafe. It's ''love at first sight'' and as if in a dream they move in together immediately. But it's too good to be true and troubles soon accumulate. At the same time that Jake falls out with the heads of the film company that demand more sex and violence in his film his love life is getting complicated. Is he going to lose his dream woman, the film project and his future as a director? The action in Entropy is not depicted linearly, the narrative often takes jumps back and forwards. The film starts with Jake looking into the camera and introducing himself as the head character and storyteller of the film, a chain smoker with alcohol problems. He looks back to his time as a director in the American dream factory where he experienced his love story, before chaos and coincidence mercilessly took over his life. Both Jake and Bono walk in and out of the story and observe it, Bono often as Jake's conscience and support. Many scenes in Entropy are hallucinogenic and technically brilliantly executed. The film is full of allusions to other films and to the American film industry.

Phil Joanau
110 min
American Independents
Stephen Dorff, Judith Godreche, Kelly Macdonald, Lauren Holly, U2
Brad Ebstein, Phil Joanou, Elie Samaha, Robert De Niro
Phil Joanou
George Fenton, Mr Dean, Toy Dave Lawson, Andrew Philpott

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