The film consists of three incidents. In the first one, Queen of the Beach, Li-Lih is struck with the curse of getting what she wished for. In the second part, My Own Private Gun, 16-year-old Ah-Tsai steals the gun of a policeman and gets the police and herself into a dangerous game. In the third episode, A Dog from Hong-Kong, Ah-Liang’s dog disappears. When the dog is given a fake disguise, dog and dog-owner will put the friendship of a couple of young girls to the test.That the three segments are made by directors from the world of commercials and music videos is evident in the shortened and almost rhapsodic imagery and the quick and the rhytmic tempo. The three directors are obviously skilled short filmmakers. There are no unnecessary images or B-storylines in the stories. They also have a great sense of timing and pases, which stops the audience from getting tired.The story about the four ”bad” girls has several suprises and a refreshing mix of despair and humour. But they are not very ”bad”. If the film had been about four boys, the title would hardly have been ”bad boys”. Not withstanding this fact, both Li-Lih and Ah-Tsai are examples of girls who do whatever they feel like doing. That this would be remarkable is not as surprising as it is sad.It is therefore very uplifting that this is not the focus of any of these films, instead the focus is on the quirky narration. While eccentric behaviour is eccentric only for those who do not want to leave the centre, eccentric girls are eccentric only to those who do not wish to disrupt their circles. That they are filmed in the same way only makes their own stories seem more gripping.

Bad girl trilogy
Yao-Ting Wen, Jing-Jie Lin, Ying Yu-Chan
117 min
Asian Images
Rui-Jun Fan, Chi-Yao Chang, Jing-Wen Jia
Shun-Ching Chiu
Ying-Shu Cheng, Yao-Ting Wen, Jing-Jie Ling, Ying-Yu Chan
Jie-Ren Cheng, Shen Hu

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