Mr. Yam and Mr. Fong are in a state of feud with one another. According to a prophecy, Mr. Yam will be betrayed by one of his own. Fate conquers, the bosses’ closest men are ganging up for an attack on those in power.Many shooting scenes are enacted in darkness or rain. You see nothing except the car headlights and the lights from the exploding pistol-muzzles - who is shooting who and did he or did he not die? Sometimes it is difficult to keep track with the story, but as long as you get the essence the rest will follow, and the essence is mostly about loyalty, friendship and revenge. A couple of things are significant for A Hero Never Dies, the close combats, the dialogue and the women.Western films have inspired the shooting scenes - the men lie in ambush behind walls resembling saloons, shooting one lead ointment after another. One of our heroes, Martin, is a kind of Western scoundrel with a cowboy hat, moustache and a cigar-end in the corner of his mouth.Hero number two, Jack, is a gentleman who does not like wasting words. Alternatively, things are said in such a violent and fast way that you do not catch everything that is said. One of those talkative characters is Martin’s woman, she does not hold her tongue. She and Jack’s girlfriend are really the true heroes - fearless, strong and full of iniative they put their men first. Oh, these exhibitions of power, honour and respect! In an attempt to drink each other under the table, but at the same time appear to be the most powerful, we see Martin and Jack in a fantastic coin-tossing and red wine duel which surpasses most an-eye-for-an-eye-fights I’ve ever seen.

A Hero Never Dies
Johnnie To
98 min
Twilight Zone
Leon Lai, Lau Ching Wan, Fiona Leung
Johnnie To
Szeto Kam Yuen, Yau Nai Hoi
Raymand Wong

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