This is a film with two parallel stories. One is about the northern forests in Japan, the other about stressed-up Tokyo - both stories have July 25th as a common denominator. Fumihisa is a botanist and lives in a forest in northern Japan. One day a woman asks for a special sort of maple. She is an instrument maker and trying to build a unique cello. But this maple is very rare and Fumuhisa can’t help her. July 25th is the very day when the maple tree sings and lets go of its seeds.Simultaneously we follow Hazuki, a private eye pursuing shoplifters in a supermarket. On the 25th of every month a young woman comes in to shoplift. So far no one has been able to catch her red-handed, she seems just to disappear. Hazuki also fails and moves back to his native village. There, in the middle of a church sermon, he sees the woman again.The film is filled with mysticism and questions where all interpretations is left to the spectator. The interplay between the two stories gives plain answers to the questions put by the film but also poses new questions. It is a modern film shot in 16 mm - in true independent spirit - and can be seen as an answer to our contemporary society and on-going enviromental pollution. One minute the film is a quiet nature programme, the next a neurotic music video. It swings from the city’s hectic polluted stress to the solitude of the green forest. But the experience for the two men is the same. The forest is just as real as the city. The film is built very much on sound. The murmur of the forest is mixed with the howl of the city and a cello sonata by Bach.

Wataru Hayakawa
67 min
Asian Images
Isamu Hyuga, Mihoko Umetsu, Junya Nakano
Yukari Hatano
Maho Arakida
Takashi Watanabe

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