Even at first sight you realize that Curdled is a very bizarre, verging on sick, film. A young Colombian girl sits down by a bloody corpse, to study and touch death. A few decades later we see serial killer Paul Guell who uses a knife to torture his female victims to death. He lets them crawl around in their own blood before beheading them. The young girl has now grown up into a beautiful woman with a perverse fascination for murder. She works for a cleaning company in Miami which specializes in cleaning up after murders, and in her scrap album she collects newspaper articles about violent deaths. The plot sounds incredible, but it would not surprise anyone if they learned that such a cleaning company exists in Miami. Nothing is impossible in America, and there is no lack of opportunities in Miami with its 50.000 violent crimes each year. Reb Braddock started by making a short film based on this story. Quentin Tarantino saw the film at a film festival in Italy, and was so taken with it that he offered Braddock the opportunity to make a feature version, with himself as co-producer. Without Tarantino, Reb Braddock had probably still been frying hamburgers at some greasy road-side cafe, or whatever he did before the ex-video shop assistant appeared in his life. And Curdled is certainly a film in Tarantino's spirit. Braddock has even paid tribute to him in a TV-slot in the film in the shape of the brothers Seth and Richie Gecko, the characters that George Clooney and Tarantino played in From Dusk Till Dawn. But this does not make Braddock a copy of Tarantino. If Tarantino's main influences have been American gangster and western films, then Braddock has found inspiration in horror films in general and the Italian giallo-genre in particular. And as with Robert Rodriguez - another of Tarantino's friends - Reb Braddock has his own personal style to add to the mixture of his film historical references. Curdled shows that Braddock possesses both talent and self-confidence. Two qualities which are still important in Hollywood. On the plus side you will also find a -with latin rhythms - very danceable and swinging soundtrack, as well as a fleeting brief appearance by MTV-star Daisy Fuentes. TS

Reb Braddock
94 min
American Independents
Angela Jones, William Baldwin, Barry Corbin
John Maass & Raul Pulg
John Maass & Reb Braddock
Joseph Julian Gonzales

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