The taboo relationship between an older man and an under-aged nymphomaniac is re-born in classic Lolita-fashion in Carried Away. Joseph Svendon is a quiet teacher in a Central American small town. Joseph is middle aged but still lives with his mother. He has never managed to cut his umbilical cord to her and start a life of his own. Joseph's ordinary day is plain grey and doesn't expect sensations. His frail mother considered him a pretty worthless teacher. He ought to become a farmer instead and marry the schoolmistress Rosalee. ''I am a mediocre teacher but completely hopeless as a farmer'', Joseph explains. On top of which, he has his doubts about his imminent marriage to Rosalee. Neither of them possesses a burning passion and their dates are as formal as board meetings. Rosalee's husband was killed six years earlier in Vietnam. She has never managed to liberate herself from him, and his shadow is ever present in her relationship with Joseph. Rosalee's teenage son is another black cloud who clearly shows his dislike of Joseph. During the last days of his mother's life, Joseph discovers how easy it is to carry on walking along the well-trodden path of his everyday existence and suppress the temptations of life. But when 17-year old Catherine arrives in town, his life takes a new turn. Ultra-blonde Catherine becomes his pupil and immediately catches his eye with her languishing gaze. Joseph cannot resist Catherine's young body and insatiable desire for sex. They start a risky affair, where their sinful encounters have to be kept strictly secret in the conservative small town. The consequences for them both would be fatal if they were exposed. Carried Away is about the consequences of satisfying our hidden desires. Moral questions about infidelity are brought to a head. At the same time, the film reveals that even if a deed appears to be reprehensible at first sight it may ultimately be propitious. The drama is set in an American pioneer-settlement with a credible performance by Dennis Hopper as the main character. It is an unusual role as an oppressed and unfairly treated individual for the, so often, evil Hopper, but he gives a satisfactory performance.

Carried Away
Bruno Barreto
104 min
American Independents
Skandinavisk premiär
Dennis Hopper, Amy Irving, Amy Locane
Lisa M. Hansen
Ed Jones, based on the novel “Farmer” by Jim Harrison
Bruce Broughton

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