Rome, in the summer of 1961. In the course of two days several tenants' destinies are intertwined. Sandrino is an intelligent and inquiring 9-year-old who becomes the involuntary messenger in the big apartment house. The lawful husband Caligiuri, constantly on the run, arrives at home to briefly enjoy marital bliss, and Antonio and Elvira are struggling with their tempestuous relationship. For some, these days will mean ruin, for others victory, and for some no change at all. . COMMENTARY If only ... Mille Bolle Blu revolves around the eternal ''if''. For two days we get to follow a group of people in one of Rome's tenementbuildings. Behind a seemingly normal everyday life they are all facing events that will change their lives drastically. Do they have the opportunity to choose? The jailbird Caligiuri has escaped to his wife. Antonio loves Elvira, who is about to marry another man. The Rossi brothers have a dispute about their dead father's inheritance but in the end they discover that daddy has fooled them. The blind Guido awaits the result of an eye operation which may give him his eyesight back. Leone Pompucci has found a tangible event, where the world stops and holds its breath. A total eclipse of the sun, These people have the opportunity to change their lives - for a minute they have their own destinies in their hands - of course they let the opportunity slip. Life goes on, winners and losers hand in hand. Pompucci's tenement-building is reminiscent of the one in Hitchcock's Rear Window, or why not Ettore Scola's A Special Day. But this time we are far away from the 30's and its fascism. We find ourselves in the middle of the summer of 1961, when Mina's hit Mille Bolle Blu was causing its greatest havoc. First and foremost this film is a poetical homage to the 60's. When Rome was still a human city, and when terraces were there for children to play on and watch eclipses of the sun from, not like today, when the view is obscured by a forest of TV-antennas. ':' Peter Loewe

Mille Bolle Blu
Leone Pompucci
87 min
Claudio Bigagli, Nicoletta Boris
Mario Cecchi Gori, Vittorio Cecci Gori, Marco Risi, Maurizio Tedesco
Filippo Pichi, Leone Pompucci, Paolo Rossi
Franco Piersanti

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