WITH ''TINY TOONs'', 1990, Steven Spielberg revived the fine American tradition of animated film. Walt Disney Studios was the most famous studio for animated film during Hollywood's Golden Age, Carl barks, the well-known Donald Duck-cartoonist, joined the studio during the final years of the 30s and gave proof of its high worktempo. Through Barks' drawing of Donald Duck, beginning in 1942, the cartoon was immortalized, Despite ''Duck Tales'' and other animated films from Disney Studios, Barks' drawings are responsible for the symbol Donald Duck is today, But, since the competitor Warner Bros is the producer of ''Tiny Toons'', there are more rabbits present than ducks: one of Warner's classics are, after all, Bugs Bunny! The main rabbits in ''Tiny Toons'' are Buster and Babs Bunny. After the success with the film about Roger Rabbit Steven Spielberg wanted to revive the cartoons from his youth. That's why you'll find many of the typically American mechanisms of animated film in this one: the exaggeration, often enhanced with violence. Behind the sweet appearances of Babs and Buster, however, some evil traits are hidden. And their friend, Yuppy Duck, doesn't hesitate to do just about anydling to get attention. Since ''Tiny Toons'' was made in Japan, the country now topping the production of animated film, nothing has been held back as far as effects and work goes. More drawings are made for ''Tiny Toons'' than for any other animated TV-film. But ''Tiny Toons'' is not only a rebirth of the genre, The heritage from Hollywood's Golden Age is strong and the similarities numerous. The title itself refers to the classic ''Loony Tunes''. Besides the characters and their performances, the heritage from father to son is also kept alive: the voice behind Bugs Bunny was Mel Blanc. He gave much of Bugs' character. But Mel Blanc died shortly after he had made the voice-over for the characters in ''Roger Rabbit'', Now Noel Blanc, his son, who knew the voices as well as his father did, contributes with his voice in ''Tiny Toons'', ''Tiny Toons'' was awarded an Emmy for best animated TVshow in 1990. DANIEL ATTERBOM

Tiny Toon Adventures
Mike Renya
8 min
Short Film Competition
Charlie Adler, Tress McNeille, Joe Alaskey, Frank Welker, Don Messick
Steven Spielberg, Tom Ruegger
Bruce Broughton

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