THERE ARE MORE THAN 40 000 WOMEN serving sentences in American jails. In this 90 minutes long trilogy about women's experiences behind the bars, the impact of life in jail for mothers and theirchildren is described. In ''New Chicks'' by Penelope Spheeris a woman allies herself with a gangleader hoping to save the future of her unborn child. ''Esperanza'' by Donna Deitch describes how a woman serving a sentence for drug-dealing, discovers that her only son has followed her bad example. In Joan Micklin Silver's ''Parole Board'' we meet a woman, who after having been physically abused for many years murders her husband and is unable to face her family afterwards...Comment:THE FILM TELL THREE DIFFERENT STORIES about women's situation in jail. The first, ''New Chicks'', is about how some girlfriends after an unpremediated, yet serious crime, end up in jail. The film makes me think of the times, during my most broke periods, I have joked with my friends about robbing a bank, or ''at least a small check fraud ... '' A joke that can become serious. A sudden inspiration - Let's do it which when you're caught changes your whole life. Dreams of gold ... leading straight to jail. In ''Esperanza'' it's not only the single individual who ends up in jail, but a parent, a mother. It's one thing to not take responsibility for yourself and your life. But what responsibility do you have for your child? A film about the consequences of betrayal. Finally ''Parole Board'' where a woman, also a mother, after a long term in jail experiences jail as safer than the world outside. She knows what she's got inside. But what does reality outside demand of her? Suddenly jail appears as freedom from responsibilities. And you understand why the woman doesn't want to leave ... The three films let their stories guide the story-telling. And they move with their proximity to the universal. JANNIKE GRUT

Prison Stories: Women on the Inside
Donna Deitch, Penelope Spheeris, Joan Micklin Silv
90 min
American Independents
Annabella Sciorra, Lolita Davidovich
Francine Lefrak
Martin Jones, Juleselbo, Dick Beebe, Marlane Meyer

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