A MELODRAMA ABOUT THE HOMOSEXUAL writer Pablo and his brother Tina, who at first was named Tino, but changed name after having had sex with his father and transformed himself to the father's new wife. Sexual perversions, incest, shortlived relationships and general confusion in the film that was the international break-through for the director PedroAlmodovar.Comment:PABLO AND TINA ARE BROTHERS. No, not exactly. Tina is a transsexual. In the film, that is. In reality she or he, is played by Carmen Maura. She's not a transsexual. At least I don't think so. But in the film Tina was raped by his father when he was a little boy, had a sex-change and married him. Then divorced him and moved in with a female model, who, I swear, is played by a transvestite. Pablo is a director of sophisticated Gay films and likes Juan quite well. But Juan leaves for a vacation and Pablo starts to have a sexual relationship with Antonio. Then Antonio pushes Juan down a hill, is chased by the Police and shoots himself. This is a profoundly bizarre story in the typical Almodovar-spirit. Straight ones are played by gays, transvestites are played by non-transvestites and gays plays heterosexuals. I think. Almodovar himself usually maintains that Thc Law of Temporary relations, incest, murder, desire, suicide and an over-abundance of homoerotic exercises. Homosex in pictures - to be appalled by or to be happy over. Even the most fervent heterosexual will shamefully have to hide his hard-on. The Law of Desire is no scandalous fag-farce, but quite simply a love melodrama about passion steered by merciless laws through the kaleidoscopic big city night, where cocaine, guaranteed unsafe sex and tacky Spanish 80's disco rule. Absurd, still beautiful and touching. Stylistically Thc Law of Desire is in the same class as Matador and Women or the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. As usual, Billy Wilder's classical technicolor comedies about the war between the sexes stand as model. The environment is explosively colorful and the filmic room is a degenerated doll's-house where the characters are well-designed carriers of the apocalypse. The unavoidable catastrophe is hiding outside the paperwalls and outside the filmstudio in Madrid. The Law of Desire is his best movie. Few people have disagreed. HANS WIKLUND

Begärets lag
Pedro Almodóvar
100 min
Europa idag
La Ley del deseo
Carmen Maura, Antonio Banderas
Miguel A. Perez
Pedro Almodóvar
Los Panchos, Maisa Matarazzo, Fred Bongusto, Bernardo Bonezzi, Bola de Nieve
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