A POLISH STORY OF OUR TIMES, DESCRIBING the situation for the intellectual supporters of Solidarinosc. For many years they have been political prisoners, fighting for their ideals. In the newly won, post-communist liberty which is shaping Poland today, new problems arise. We meet a 30-year-old academic, the sociologist Tomasz, who earns his living by driving a cab. He struggles with some vital questions: Who am I? What can I contribute to this society which has given me the freedom I fought for but doesn't seem to have room for me anyway? All this at the same time as the relationship to his wife Katarzyna is becoming increasingly monotonous and critical, and finally threats to break when an old friend from school, Agata, moves in with them. Tomasz begins an affair with her and is forced to face his own life. Comment:''I RATHER WATCH TWO PERSONS LOCKED into a room, lying to one another, than make film about different countries, political systems, or the social situation.'' The words come from Krzysztof Kieslowski and I recall them after having seen his fellow countryman, Piotr Mikucki's film Crossed Lines. Mikucki is staging a domestic triangle with truth and lie at the center. The three-some, the male storyteller/cab-driver/sociologist, his wife Katarzyna and the friend Agata play a very serious game together. Truth or consequence, you could call it, or rather, truth with consequences. The introduction with a Polish version of Scorsese's Taxi Driver sets the tone. It's not jazz playing on the sound-track however, but Mozart's amazingly beautiful Sonata in C-major, no 330. We're in Eastern Europe and it's about Ibsen's old question from Brand. It's time for judgement day. It's about love, sex, courage and cowardliness. Does he love his wife? When Agata shows up, she becomes the catalyst... CLEMENS ALTGÅRD

Gluchy telefon
Piotr Mikucki
81 min
Europa idag
Hanna Mikuc, Katarzyna Latawiec, Maciej Orlos
Michal Szczerbic
Barbara Fatyga, Piotr Mikucki
Fryderyk Babinski

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