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Festival on Demand sadly can’t last forever and our last day is Sunday the 22nd of November. We invite you to participate in a hybrid event that will act as the finale of Festival on Demand.

At Biograf Zita in Stockholm Dinner in America is shown at 9pm and we invite you to watch the film at home, no matter where you live, at the same time. It's like a Red Carpet event but in your living room. You also have the opportunity to compete for a Red Carpet goodiebag through the competition on our social media.

In Dinner in America we meet Simon, a punk rocker with anarchy tendencies, and Patty, an outsider without any friends, as they go on an adventure in American suburbia. The Films stands out with it’s original score that creates that particular vibe that comes with indie films.

We will also give you the opportunity to discuss the film via chat forums during the film. You are free to reflect with each other about the musical journey through the suburbs, your favorite quotes, and the unique film experience that is Dinner in America!

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Dinner in America - Adam Carter Rehmeier

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