Viggo Mortensen - King of characters

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Oscar nominated actor Viggo Mortensen makes his directorial debut with the complex drama Falling, where he also plays the lead, wrote the script and made the films soundtrack! We have the great honor to award Viggo Mortensen Stockholm Achievment Award 2020 to celebrare his inspiring career as actor and director. Meet him live via Zoom for an exclusive Face2Face that starts with a screening of Falling the 14th of November at 5.30pm.

Viggo Mortensen is a master of character acting. Those of us that have followed his journey from Aragorn in Lord Of the Rings, Ben in Captain Fantastic, Tony in Green Book, also Tom in A History Of Violence and Nikolai in Eastern Promises in his collaborations with Cronenberg, have been able to witness this. His acting always adds energy to the film's visual narrative.  

Stockholm Achievement Award is awarded to a person who is active within the film industry and who’s life work Stockholm International Film Festival wants to acknowledge. The award has previously been accepted by greats such as Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe and Ellen Burstyn. The prestigious award takes its form in the 7.3kg Bronze Horse - the world’s heaviest film award - and is designed by Fredrik Swärd.


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