Wednesday 15/8: Pan's Labyrinth

When Ofelia feels the world around her is a too dark place to live in, she sometimes flee to an undergound place where she meets monsters quite different from the ones she usally meets around the dinnertable. 




Thursday 16/8: Edward Scissorhands

Pastel meets gothic darkness in this Tim Burton saga, where teenage love never seemed so bittersweet and difficult as portrayed here.




Friday 17/8:Jaws

It´s been almost 40 years since the big white shark attacked bathing children and swimmers and made a team of brave men head out to sea to destroy this horrid monster. Today the film is restored but is the same horrormovie as ever.




Saturday 18/8: Let the right one in

It never seemed likely there would be vampires in the suburbs of Stockholm, but now it does. The movie will show when it´s dark enough for all to see.




Sunday 19/8: Lord of the rings - The Fellowship of the Ring

On the last day of Summer Cinema, the flat ground of Rålis will transform to the green hills, black mountain and boiling vulcanos of Midgård. Accompany Frodo in his quest to destroy the mighty ring.