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One of this year's junior group participants got the chance to meet and interview their great idol, Christoffer Nordenrot - actor, screenwriter and member of this year's 1 minute film jury.

The Junior Film Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary and before the festival, this year's jury groups have been chosen. 1 minute jury consists of three Swedish actors who choose the best short film at Stockholm Film Festival's national short film competition 1 minute film. The Junior Group is a jury group consisting of 9 children and young people aged 6 to 19 who represent the film festival and select two winning films at Junior. The winners will receive the prestigious Bronze Horse at Junior's awards ceremony. The Junior Film Festival will be arranged this year from April 1-6.

Before the festival, we at the Stockholm Film Festival interviewed the Junior Group. One of the questions we asked the group members was "If you got to meet who you wanted in the film industry, who would you like to meet?" And Edvin, 16 years old, replied that he had most of all wanted to meet Christoffer Nordenrot, his idol since Edvin first wanted to become an actor. We at the Stockholm Film Festival wanted to give him the chance and arranged a conversation with Christoffer and Edvin at the beautiful Museum of Natural History one Friday in March to discuss about film, acting and the upcoming Junior Festival.




Christoffer and Edvin in conversation at the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

Christoffer and Edvin have very much in common - apart from being grown up in Täby, they have both chosen a career in acting and film, and both love the magic they know about recording places. According to him, Christoffers zeal and persistence is what has taken him where he is today, even though he was relatively late in deciding that he wanted to become an actor and scriptwriter. What attracted him was the challenge, to fight for it, and finally to win on its own.

Edvin is 16 years old, and in his words still in the beginning of his own story. Edvin attends St Erik's high school and has already worked with various statistic roles, eg. on Ikea's advertising, which is exactly what Christoffer did a decade earlier. "You are a little ahead of me all of the time!", Christoffer exclaims and the guys laugh. “We have had a similar entrance, even though I was a little later than you. We have had the same first love with a recording site ”, summarizes Christoffer.

Christoffers Youtube series "Poetry for fishes", was what inspired Edvin most of all. "I can certify that Crazy Pictures is great, you were the first, with the best quality of your product and the most respected group that makes film. No one is on the same level as you! ”, He explains to Christoffer, who humbly thanks.

According to Edvin, the assignment with the Junior Group at the Film Festival Junior is clearly the biggest project he has done in his film career and really a good opportunity for him as a young actor. Edvin is very exited and sees it as a new experience, not only to be critical about movies but also to see the positive and the nice in all the films The Junior Group sees, and get to discuss them with other like-minded people. In addition, Edvin looks forward to the awards ceremony and the gala on April 6, where the group will be standing on Skandia's prestigious cinema scene, presenting the festival's films and interviewing invited international guests Face to Face. "It's such a big festival that we get to represent, very cool!"

Christoffer, in turn, feels very honored for the assignment to choose the winning films for 1 minute film, according to him, it is really exciting to see how children and young people make movies and what stories they created.


Christoffer Nordenrot and Edvin Wassberg.

We also discuss if Christoffer's latest film "Den blomstertid nu kommer" where production from one idea to a movie took eight full years. "The film came out during a time when the world felt more worried than it did at the beginning of the project, and suddenly" The flower time now comes "the label" disaster movie "". The film's unthinkable scenario suddenly became so real and realistic.

The topic also deals with filmmaking and how to support young filmmakers. Both Edvin and Christoffer have worked with their own short films and they think it is fantastic that the children can have a chance to test themselves on Stockholm Film Festival's Mobile Film Workshops on making short films together with knowledgeable film educators. "To inspire only one of the students, to reach out to one of those who can be inspired by filmmaking as a career is a fantastic opportunity," says Christoffer. "Film is important, an important form one can learn a lot from. The film as an art form will always exist. "" As long as I live, "Christoffer exclaims.

As a final question, we discuss the future. Where does Edvin and Christoffer see themselves in 5 years?

”Jag hoppas på att jag går en eftergymnasial utbildning och har gjort ett antal egna kortfilmer”, säger Edvin, som ser fram emot att utvecklas vidare inom film.

"In 5 years, maybe I'm on a recording with Edvin?" Christoffer asks rhetorically and blinks with one eye. "I want to continue with what I am doing now, with our previous productions and now our feature film" The flower time that comes "so many new exciting doors have been opened for us."

We wish the boys good luck with their career and look forward to the Junior Festival where they will be involved!

Text och photo: Anni Lappalainen

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