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The membership card gives you the opportunity to visit the 28:th Stockholm International Film Festival, November 8-19, 2017. It also includes at least 10 exclusive screenings during the year, only for our members. You will also get a copy of Stockholm Film Festival’s program catalogue.

As a member you also contribute so that we can make a great film festival with over 150 films from 60 countries, give youth and children the opportunity to visit Stockholm Film Festival Junior and to arrange Summer Cinema in August every year. Thank you! 

Valid: August 2017 - July 2018, 260 SEK.

The Beguiled 29/8

Director: Sofia Coppola
When: Tuesday the 29th of August, 6:00 pm
Where: Cinema Skandia (Drottninggatan 82)

We start the festival year with an exclusive member's screening by Sofia Coppola's acclaimed movie 'The Beguiled'.It was first shown at the festival in Cannes this year and received, in true Coppola-spirit, a very warm welcome. 'The Beguiled' tells the story of an wounded soldier (Colin Farell) in the American civil war in Virgina. The soldier goes to a girls' school to ask for help, which starts a game of rivality, sexual tension and unexpected events between the women in the school.

The movie premiere is the 1st of September.  

Good Time 5/9

Director: Ben Safdie, Joshua Safdie
When: Tuesday the 5th September 06.00 pm
Where: Cinema Skandia (Drottninggatan 82)

After a failed bank robbery that results in his younger brother going into jail, Constantine (Robert Pattinson) ends up in New Yorks underworld of jail. Costantine gets more and more desperate when trying to get his brother out of jail. During a night full of adrenaline and action “Connie” falls down in a spiral of violence and devastation, when he fights against the time in knowledge that his life is hanging on a thin thread.

The movie premiere is the 8th of September. 

The Nile Hilton Incident 18/9

Director: Tarik Saleh
When: Monday the 18th September 06.00 pm
Where: Cinema Skandia (Drottninggatan 82)

The Nile Hilton Incident tells the story about the corrupt criminal detective Noredin (Fares Fares) that gets the assignment to investigate the murder of a famous singer, which occurred at The Nile Hilton. The murder, that at first seems to have an easy solution, eventually shows out to have political connection at highest level. The only witnesses is Salwa, a young refugee that works without a contract at the hotel.

The movie premiere is the 29th of September. 

On body and soul 19/9 

Director: Ildikó Enyedi

When: Tuesday the 19th of September 06.00 pm.
Where: Cinema Skandia (Drottninggatan 82)

In "On body and soul" we get to know two shy and introvert people, that by coincidence discovers that they dream the exact same dream every night. It is confusing and a bit scary. When they eventually accept their mutual dreams, they try to recreate the dream in daylight.

The movie premiere is the 21st of October.

120 BPM 12/10

Director: Robin Campillo

When: Thursday the 12th October 06.00 pm. 
Where: Cinema Skandia (Drottninggatan 82)

Director Robin Campillo's movie takes place in Paris during the early 90’s. The movie follows ACT UP, a movement dedicated to spreading knowledge and improving the acceptance of AIDS. In the movie we get to know a group of young HIV-positive men, fighting HIV, the large pharmaceutical companies and in prejudice society filled with fear and contempt. 

The movie premiere is the 1st of December.

"I belive it is hard to love a movie more than this" – Pedro Almodovar, jurys chairman in Cannes 2017.