She is the second Swedish actress to have ever won an Oscar. It’s going well for Alicia Vikander. Ultimately, we can’t wait to see her play the lead in Lisa Langseth’s new film »Euphoria«, made by the production company she co-founded with Charles Collier.  Before that however, don’t miss the opportunity to see her portrayal of Isabel in the extraordinary drama »The Light Between Oceans«. Stockholm International Film Festival spoke to Sweden’s brightest star.

What is your relationship to acting?
Wow, how am I going to answer that? It’s difficult to give an answer about something that feels so natural. It is one of my greatest passions and something that I have been drawn to since I was very small. It is a pleasure to be able to throw yourself into a world of different characters built totally by yourself.

You were awarded Rising Star shortly after your film debut with »Pure«. What did the award mean to you?
It was fantastic considering that I had only made one film. I felt that I was extremely new! I was also extremely young so it was a huge honor.

How did you prepare for the role of Isabel in The Light Between Oceans?
I had read the script and the novel and quickly understood that it was about a young woman with a very mature inner world. First and foremost I think that Isabel was a very interesting character and I tried not to be scared to show the things that weren’t so good about her. At the same time I wanted to give a truthful picture of people who are going through difficult things.

Who is Isabel?
She could have been anybody during the first world war. She had lost two brothers and gone through a very difficult bereavement, then she meets her true love and starts anew. Isabel, well, she has good intentions but doesn’t understand the poor consequences of her actions. It’s impressive that the author (Margot L. Stedman) wasn’t scared to make her ugly, difficult and immoral. I don’t believe in dividing people into ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Of course, this isn’t a film about that, it’s a film about people.

How did your production company Vikarious Productions come about?
It actually started when I didn’t get accepted to drama school and asked myself if there was another possibility. But life took another direction… well, in actuality it started a couple of years ago when I sat in a meeting with some production companies and played with the idea of one day running my own production company. I have realized more and more what motivates me - I want to take part! I want to both discover and be part of the stories that I feel are worth telling.

What kinds of stories?
We’ll have to wait and see…

Your first project is in collaboration with Lisa Langseth. How does it feel to be working with her again?
She is courageous both as a scriptwriter, director and as a woman. And her idea is so brave! Our collaboration is going to create the opportunity for her films to reach a larger audience, not least because the film is in English.

That sounds fabulous. Good luck with everything, Alicia!
Thank you! Don’t forget to say hi to everyone at the festival. I hope I can come and hang out with you all next year.

Maja Waltré


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