Wayne Roberts with the price designed by Ai Weiwei. Potographer: Katriina Mäkinen

Katie Says Goodbye is a sensitive, layered and complex, coming of age story of a young American girl. The film displays a clearly female sensitive gaze, without sensationalizing Katie’s heart breaking story. It shows us the complexity of human nature and people and relationships, be they women or men, without judgment.

Potographer: Katriina Mäkinen

The cinematic style of the film is fresh and subtle, and the performance of Olivia Cooke as Katie is compelling. It leaves you experiencing, the innocence, the darkness, the vulnerability and the strength of the lovable Katie. It is a startlingly brave portrayal of a young woman. Through it’s sensitive handling of the politics of what it means for a woman to have agency over her own body, it challenges age old stereotypes of women.

The 2016 Stockholm Impact Award goes to Wayne Roberts.

The Stockholm Impact Award is a colabboration between Stockholm International Film Festival and the City of Stockholm, founded in 2015. Impact is a section for headstrong visionaries who reflect our contemporary world. The prize of 1 million SEK is made possible with the contribution from City of Stockholm and should be used as support for further work and development of new film projects.