This year's big winner was Cate Shortlands's Second World War drama "Lore" which was awarded not only with the Bronze Horse for Best Film, but also for Best Actress, Best Cinematography and Best Music. Best Directorial Debut was Benh Zeitlin for "Beasts of the Southern Wild" and the FIPRESCI-jury awarded "Everyday" by Michael Winterbottom. The Silver Audience Award went to "Call Girl" by Mikael Marcimain.


Best Film: ”Lore” by Cate Shortland

The motivation of the Jury: A coming of age story that is beautiful and brave and transfers its audience to a time and place that we have all known many times before. Only this time the perspective is different. A historical drama with timeless brilliance. 

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Best Directorial Debut: Benh Zeitlin for ”Beasts of the Southern Wild

The motivation of the Jury: For achieving a sense of naturalism in a fantastic universe and grabbing a hold of his audience and never letting them go. For his belief in humanity in a cinematic landscape that so often can not pull itself out of the mire of misanthropy. Like our hero Hushpuppy, Benh can not help but hear and embrace the beating heart that keeps all of us going.


Special Mention for Directorial Debut:

The Special mention of the Jury goes to Karzan Kader for "Bekas".
The motivation of the Jury: For telling a beautiful tale of an unbreakable bond and endless hope in the face of adversity, capturing two amazing performances from his young leads, and making a film that moved this jury. We eagerly await this director's next film.


Best Script: Andrew Dominik for ”Killing Them Softly

The motivation of the Jury: Setting us in the perfect time and place for a story where a small con is turned into a brilliant, shocking and often hilarious allegory for the American dream gone all very, very wrong.

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Best Actress: Saskia Rosendahl in ”Lore

The motivation of the Jury: With precision and depth she challenges the audience to see beyond the obvious and forces us to face our prejudices. A brave and sharp portrait of a young woman facing her heritage and future when everything that she believed in is changing.

Special mention for Acting:

The Special mention of the Jury goes to the actress Eloise Laurence for her  performance as ”Skunk” in ”Broken”.

The motivation of the Jury: For showing a command of her craft well beyond her years and communicating a depth and range of emotion that carried this charming first film through it's brightest and darkest moments.


Best Actor:  Tim Roth in ”Broken

The motivation of the Jury: For a great performance that manages to show yet another side to an acting ability that we were already deeply impressed by.

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Best Cinematography: Adam Arkapaw for ”Lore

The motivation of the Jury: This film has that rare visual quality that makes us leave the safe position of watching our history from a distance. Even in a landscape of war, the images are rich, sensual and beautiful. The beauty of this film is no stylistic exercise but the way to reveal the complexity of life itself. The award goes to a historical drama with a powerful and contemporary imagery.

Best Music Award: Max Richter for ”Lore

The motivation of the Jury: As with all great scores this music works in beautiful harmony with the film's visual language. This talented composer is often labeled as a "neo-classical", and though utilizing a simple set-up of piano and strings, the score builds into something ultimately fresh and powerful.


Best Short Film: "Curfew" by Shawn Christensen

The motivation of the Jury: With surprising twists and with a humorous and touching energy, this short film delivers a complete story of hope and compassion. Everything comes together, acting, cinematography, and even the unexpected musical number. We have great hopes for this accomplished one man band.


The Best Film selected by the FIPRESCI-jury: ”Everyday” by Michael Winterbottom

The motivation of the Jury: For its moving depiction of a family's struggle for happiness and its daring concept of everyday's challenges in today's Europe. The film's detailed drawing of the characters, its breathtaking use of time - in shooting and in telling the character's development and its sublime use of the musical score makes it  an outstanding contribution to contemporary European film art.


Stockholm Feature Film Award

The Stockholm Feature Film Award goes to the director Amanda Adolfsson and producer Gila Bergqvist-Ulfung with the film project ”Unga Sophie Bell”.
The motivation of the Jury: A moving and relevant story by a director that has already proved herself with a sure sense of style and suspense. 




Telia Film Award: ”Una Noche” by Lucy Mulloy

The motivation of the Jury: A colorful explosion with energetic storytelling skills that asks key questions on the social circumstances that defines the environment of an upbringing. "Una Noche" contrasts the dreams of another world with the complexity of parting from a family and a society built to take care of those who have nothing. The excellence in the script, the flawless acting from streetcasted amateurs and the totally jawdropping third act that pushes the story into heightened intensity makes this a film truly deserving of more eyes than a festival crowd. 

The winner was chosen by a jury consisting of: Mikael Marcimain, Eva Röse and Patrik Andersson.


Silver Audience Award: "Call Girl" by Mikael Marcimain

Stockholm International Film Festival Audience Award 2012 goes to Mikael Marcimain's ”Call Girl”.


1 km film Scholarship: Johanna Paulsdotter for ”Århundradets brott

The motivation of the Jury: For creating a cinematic world with powerful emotional depth, etched into the mind of the spectator.

1 km film Scholarship Special Mention:

Michael Rendell for ”Indrivaren”. The motivation of the Jury: For a stylistic visual odyssey with a personal tone and artistic ambition that shows great promise for the future.


Winner of ifestival: ”Benjamin´s Flowers” by Malin Erixon

Winner of the online short film competition ifestival, as voted by the audience: ”Benjamin´s Flowers” by Malin Erixon.


Viasat Film Rising Star 2012: Nermina Lukac

The motivation of the Jury: With a documentary closeness a young person's struggle to keep her life together is depicted with inventiveness, tenderness and humor. Furthermore, it is done with an uncompromising precision. A performance which connects to a great tradition of realism in European cinema. A complete knock-out by Nermina Lukac in "Eat Sleep Die".



Stockholm Achievement Award 2012

Willem Dafoe is awarded Stockholm Achievement Award with the motivation: 
The Stockholm Achievement Award goes to one of the worlds most multifaceted actors who has the power to hypnotize his audience with just one glance. Willem Dafoe has gone from Christ to Antichrist. He is playing characters who treads on the breaking point and whose controlled exterior hides an inner chaos.  A chaos we can't get enough of.

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Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award 2012

Jan Troell is awarded Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award with the motivation:
Jan Troell has always been a nomad. From ”Sommartåg” to Stockholm in ”Here is Your Life”, traveling over the Atlantic and back to depict Engineer Andrée’s flight. This year’s Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award will go to a director whose artistry reflects in the image and observations has always been the foundation for documenting the essential.


Stockholm Visionary Award 2012

Jaques Audiard is awarded Stockholm Visionary Award with the motivation:
The Stockholm Visionary Award will be given to the uncompromising director who since his debut challenges hierarchies by mixing the hard with the emotional, the French artfilm with the American entertainment film, Jacques Audiard makes bold films that let us look right into the human soul. There are no simple characters, in his films the little guy is the great hero