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To have Italy as the theme for Stockholm International Film Festival 2020 was a given. We have been overwhelmed with the amount of deep stories from filmmakers who represent their country in the best possible way. Italian films have a personal approach, where laughter and sorrow walk hand in hand. The Italian film has two unique components: producers that take risks and writers that create amazing scripts.

The Ties is the European equivalent to last year’s success Marriage Story and Daniele Luchetti creates an emotional drama filled with adultery and pain. The documentary the Truffle Hunters teaches us that there still are things in this world that cannot be exploited and invites us to join an exclusive truffle hunt with some older gentlemen and their dogs in the Italian forest. Thou Shalt Not Hate presents us with moral grey areas and difficult decisions as the son of a holocaust survivor, who also happens to be a doctor, comes face to face with a dying neo nazi in a car crash.

Get lost in the wonder of some of the best films Italy has to offer this year. Buy your tickets here: 

The Ties - Daniele Luchetti (14/11, 21/11, 22/11)

The Truffle Hunters – Michael Dweck & Gregory Kershaw (13/11, 15/11, 22/11)

Thou Shalt Not Hate - Mauro Mancini (13/11, 16/11, 21/11)

Pinocchio - Matteo Garrone (11/11, 18/11, 21/11)

Nowhere Special - Uberto Pasolini (8/11, 16/11, 21/11)

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