During the spring of 2017 Stockholm International Film Festival organizes its 18th film festival for children and youths. Since 2000 the festival has arranged film workshops, the short film competition “1 Minute Film” and the Stockholm Film Festival Junior, screening film to everyone between ages six and nineteen for free.

The main goal of the film festival is to show quality film from every corner of the world, films that otherwise would not reach the mainstream film repertoire. The film screenings are combined with individual creative work, discussions and study material for the classroom. In addition to this, each year the festival is visited by a number of international filmmakers that visit Stockholm to meet the young audience and answer their questions.

The screenings are free of charge for all children, teenagers and teachers. Members of Stockholm International Film Festival are also able see the films free of charge. From February until the last day of the festival, tickets are available to book on our website.

The festival activity begins with film workshops in January and closes with a film festival week in April. The film festival ends with an award ceremony at the movie theater Skandia in Stockholm. At the award ceremony the Bronze Horse is awarded to the Best Film as well to the winners in the short film competitions “1 Minute Film” and "Instafilm" receive their awards. Our jury, who select the winner of Best Film, reflect the Stockholm Film Festival Junior’s audience and consists of children and youths between 6-19 years old.


The Mobile Film Workshops: Our film instructors visit schools throughout the greater Stockholm area to create short films together with the school children for a whole day. The Mobile Film Workshop is available for booking throughout the year.

Film Workshops: Together with Stockholm Film Festival Junior’s film instructors, children and teenagers between 6 and 16 years get to create their own short films in museums around Stockholm.

1 Minute Film: Stockholm Film Festival Junior’s national short film competition for young directors aged 6-19. The only criterion for the competition is that the film is between one and three minutes long.

The Festival April 3-8, 2017: Free film screenings for children and teenagers in movie theatres in Stockholm. Tickets are released in February.

Inspirational Day: A workshop for teachers that focus on how film can be incorporated in teaching and after-school activities.

Industry Day: During the festival April 3-8 we arrange seminars and work in progress presentations for people in the film industry.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about Stockholm Film Festival Junior, do not hesitate to contact:

Valentina Bender