Entry form for the 25th Stockholm International Film Festival, November 5-16 2014

The submission deadline is June 20 2014 (Post stamp on this date is accepted).

The 2014 regulations can be found here.

When you've filled in the entry form you may proceed to send a dvd or blu ray labeled with the name and length of the film to the below address:

Stockholm International Film Festival
att: Johannes Palmroos
Gamla Brogatan 19
111 20 Stockholm, Sweden

If you have any questions regarding your submission you may send an email to entryform@stockholmfilmfestival.se


Our Junior festival, 7-12 April 2014

Entry form for the 15th Stockholm International Film Festival Junior, 7-12 April 2014

The submission deadline is January 15 2014 (Post stamp on this date is accepted).

Regulations can be found here