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The 30th edition of Stockholm International Film Festival has reached it's final weekend, but it's far from over! We have a weekend packed with celebrated masterpieces and great new discoveries ahead of us. Here are just a few highlights to look forward to.




»Knives Out« 

»Knives Out« is an enticing who dunnit that follows famous southern private investigator Benoit Blanc, played by Daniel Craig. He is investigating the mysterious circumstances under which Harlan Thrombrey, a famous thriller novelist has died, soon after his 85th birthday. Blanc teams up with local authorities to investigate the author's family who have all gathered at their country estate. As they dive further in, it appears as if everyone in the money-hungry family has secrets to hide as well as a possible motive. From a provocative grandson, an uncooperative daughter, to a timid caregiver, no one can be ruled out. 

Director and writer Rian Johnson creates an enthralling mystery populated with interesting characters, brought to life by a star-studded cast. »Knives Out« is a suspenseful and highly entertaining film. 

18:00, Park (Last chance!)

»Color out of Space«

»Color Out of Space« is adapted from the H.P. Lovecraft story by the same name. A family has just moved into an inherited farm by the town of Arkham. Nathan, played by Nicolas Cage, and his wife Theresa, played by Joely Richardson, and their three children start to notice strange occurrences after one night when an earth-shaking event deposits a strange object in their front yard. The object soon sinks into the earth and that is when the incidences escalate, animals and people acting very oddly. »Color Out of Space« follows the disastrous fall out in Arkham after it is struck by a meteorite.

Director Richard Stanley returns to feature films with a beloved story and details the ominous and colorful world in which our characters live. Stanley brings the classic sci-fi story to life with the traditional alien aspects while also bringing it up to date with modern technology.

21:00, Skandia (Last chance!)


»Fire Will Come«

Set in a remote village in the Galician mountains, Fire Will Come brings the story of Amador (played by Amador Arias), as he returns to his family’s small farm to join his elderly widowed mother, Benedicta (played by Benedicta Sanchez). Amador has been released from prison two years after being accused of causing the fire that almost destroyed the mountain. Amador and his mother live in solitude and silence, in the rhythm of nature, until a fire starts devastating the mountain. The distressed community struggles to contain the flames that menace their lives, the nature, and the animals, and force the residents to evacuate their homes. Set in a rural way of life threatened with extinction, Fire Will Come unfolds with the uncertainty of memories of past events, the sorrow and anger of a vanishing way of life, and the burning mystery of fire.

12:00, Skandia

»The Nightingale«

»The Nightingale« takes place in Tasmania in 1825 where Clare, an Irish indentured servant, played by Aisling Franciosi, is stationed. She is held with her husband Aidan and their child under the strict control of a British officer, played by Sam Claflin. The officer assaults her and after Aidan confronts him the officer kills Aidan and their child. The officer sets off with a team as Clare chases after them, set to take revenge. Along the way she teams up with Mangala, an Aboriginal tracker, to help her find them. Although hostile at first they are brought together by their shared traumatic experiences, both victims of British cruelty.

In »The Nightingale« director Jennifer Kent thoughtfully frames both stories of the cruelties of British rule on the Aboriginal population and the rampant culture of assault with care. The film is empathetic and does not shy away from showing the victims’ trauma, offering a revenge tale with depth and understanding. 

20:15, Bio Rio


Winner Film 2019

This is your chance to see one of the films that everyone will be talking about. We will screen one of the films awarded during the festival’s Award Ceremony. 

Sön 17 nov 16:30 Sture 1

»Jojo Rabbit«

10-year-old Johannes is just like any other boy... except that he is a devoted Nazi with the Führer as his big idol. When he discovers that his dear mother is hiding a Jewish girl in the attic, young »Jojo« finds himself in a moral dilemma. The New Zealand comedy genius Taika Waititi (»Hunt for the Wilderpeople«, »Thor: Ragnarök«) tackles World War II and casts himself as a goofy version of Adolf Hitler, an imaginary friend only Jojo can see. Waititi's »anti-hate satire« is a hilarious throwback to Chaplin's masterpiece »The Dictator«, as it effectively mocks the dumbest ideology in modern history without turning a blind eye to the horrors of war.

Sön 17 nov 12:30, Park & 20:30, Park

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