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Explore our films on Festival on Demand where all but two can be seen whenever, and wherever, you please. The 18th of November at 7pm is your last chance to see The Man Who Sold His Skin, both as a physical screening at Zita and on Festival on Demand. The Man Who Sold His Skin and Gunda are the two films that are only available online when they are playing in the theaters. 

If this is not your cup of tea we recommend One Of These Days about the mentally and physically challenging competition Hands on a Hard Body starring Joe Cole and Carrie Preston. Enjoy One Night in Miami where a conversation between legends Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali), Jim Brown, Sam Cooke and Malcom X ensue. Explore the moral complexity in Thou Shalt Not Hate where the son of a Holocaust survivor, who also happens to be a doctor, comes across a dying neo nazi in a car crash. This films have physical screenings during the week but are also available on Festival on Demand

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The Man Who Sold His Skin - Kaouther Ben Hania (11/11, 15/11, 18/11) Festival On Demand   
One of These Days - Bastian Günther (21/11, 22/11) Festival On Demand  
One Night in Miami - Regina King (15/11, 20/11, 22/11) Festival On Demand  
Thou Shalt Not Hate - Mauro Mancini (13/11, 16/11, 21/11) Festival On Demand

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